By baberuth - New Zealand - Auckland
Today, I heard my sister screaming from the basement, "Don't you hit me, you asshole!" Knowing her boyfriend was over, I ran downstairs with my baseball bat, ready to smash the fucker hitting my sister. Turns out they were just playing Mario Kart and he rammed her off the edge of a bridge. FML
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  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I love this FML. I love how it's worded and I love how ready you were to take this guy down for laying a hand on your sister! You sound like one of my brothers and exactly how they would react if I was being hurt by someone. Not just fists, but a bat and the attitude of "this guy isn't coming up the stairs alive." It's cute. Good job op!

  hasooon  |  24

Its actually the other way around. Many siblings do care of each other, rarely we see some one who doesn't care of his/her brother/sister. OP keep doing what you are doing. Not yoga.

  tdawg91  |  17

Agree with #51. The sibling arrangement is like "no one kicks my dog but me" one example is when my sister and I got in to a massive fight and wound up with black eyes and bruised egos because we stole each others clothes..... A week later, she knocked a boy out because he punched me in the arm after a vaccination