By lifedoessuck12 - Philippines
Today, I had to wait outside Starbucks. While standing, I started day dreaming and didn't notice I had been staring at a table beside the window for a long time. Suddenly, someone went up to me and said "Try not to be so obvious". Sitting at the table was a girl with a huge cleavage. FML
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Actually no, we don't have Starbucks here in the Philippines. I just made that story up. We still live in caves, paint on walls, and hunt woolly mammoths using sticks and stones.

  aznbitch  |  0

71: is a freakinn shit face. duh there's freakinn starbucks in the philippines, fyi, there's abercrombie and hollister there too. philippines is a civilized country, its not like there's only nature. they are asian-fied americans, just not as great as actual americans. thats my country i come from right theree stop criticizing

  EwahWeeWah  |  21

Sometimes they were it because it's more comfortable, sometimes they just want to look nice. I try my best to look nice but I don't want people staring at me.

  slydevil11  |  0

Guys will look at boobs if their covered or not. They're her boobs, she can do what ever she wants with them. HEll she could put them in a jar and carry them around if she wanted to.

Just because a girl dresses a certain way doesn't mean she wants attention. MAybe she wants to look nice for herself. Every girl isn't looking to get their bones jumped by a guy whos turned on by fatty skin sacks.

All the guys I know don't stare at boobs, they arn't babies.

  chanman  |  0

hey, that actually kind of makes sense now why us guys are attracted to huge boobs. They feed our babies better and make sure our last name goes on. Wow. There's logic to horniness! (Though I personally find anything beyond Double-D's, or sometimes even C or D, a bit exaggerated)

  marz88  |  0

In my opinion the general rule goes something like this: look yes, stare no. Women like to be admired but erm not in a creepy manner.

To the OP I can't tell you how many time I have wandered off in my mind while staring in some general direction haha don't worry about it