By Jesstanothergurl - Canada - Toronto
Today, I had to visit a new office building for a meeting. Halfway through the meeting, I got really nauseous and needed to throw up. I ran to find a bathroom, but got lost and ended up in a printing room. With no other option, I was forced to puke into a large envelope. FML
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  jeffob  |  8

#1 I don't think this FML was posted as soon as it was submitted. I don't think giving advice about how to dispose of the bag will help a few hours/days after it happened.

  nonsensical  |  26

There was no miscommunication, I think you just have a problem evaluating context and using common sense... It takes practice! You're on your way, good sir!

By  Bearsmomma  |  30

Much better than I was expecting. Since the FML started with it being a new office I was waiting for the first nasty carpet stain. Sorry OP, and I'm glad it was at least an easy clean up.