By Jesstanothergurl - 18/07/2016 19:35 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I had to visit a new office building for a meeting. Halfway through the meeting, I got really nauseous and needed to throw up. I ran to find a bathroom, but got lost and ended up in a printing room. With no other option, I was forced to puke into a large envelope. FML
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Can you mail it to my ex?

So THAT'S why my letter never came in the mail....


at least you didn't puke in the meeting!! dispose of the envelope and chew on peppermint gum or eat something with ginger in it!! it generally helps! feel better soon!!

#1 I don't think this FML was posted as soon as it was submitted. I don't think giving advice about how to dispose of the bag will help a few hours/days after it happened.

I was trying to help for next time.

All good, just try to word your responses a bit better just so there's no miscommunication :)

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There was no miscommunication, I think you just have a problem evaluating context and using common sense... It takes practice! You're on your way, good sir!

#1 didn't at all give any advice on how to dispose of the bag.

Microsoft Expel 2016. Bringing real world application that's so good, it'll leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth!

So THAT'S why my letter never came in the mail....

Can you mail it to my ex?

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Or mine?

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This made me laugh. Thank you for that.

I wish I could like that more

Are you pregnant?

That's not the only reason women get sick you know?

Yes, being a woman I am fairly aware of this :)

jesstanothergurl_fml 10

No I'm not pregnant... Just getting over a flu

Why are you at work with the flu? That seems highly unhygienic

#8 already asked. See #21 for OP's answer.

That's some impressive aim, OP. I hope you're feeling better now!

Oh well, I'll just puke in this envelope full of job applications

Maybe her puke will get the job. Probably in the mail room... everything considered.

Much better than I was expecting. Since the FML started with it being a new office I was waiting for the first nasty carpet stain. Sorry OP, and I'm glad it was at least an easy clean up.

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Mail it to your enemy

Now its time to ship that envelope