By wilmerjean - United States
Today, I had to spend the morning and afternoon waiting for my uncle to take a crap after his hernia surgery. It never happened, and in the end I drove home, only to find the highway just as backed up as my uncle's colon. FML
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  dre_bro11  |  12

Well OP, there was a nosy neighbour a few FML's up who seems to be able to tell which neighbour is doing their business by sound. When you're uncles ready, let's confuse her!

  EminGH  |  7

There was no shit involces Exactly like my situation right now. On the tpilet for 35 mins so far trying to take a shit.

Excuse the typos, turned auto-correct off because it keeps changong 'MILF' to 'mild' when I try to watch porn.

  DocBastard  |  38

Gleeklove: No one cares about grammar? Really? Seems to me that Grammar Nazis care. Your teachers care. Your future boss will care.

The truth is that only idiots DON'T care about grammar.

  SW500  |  13

I know how the guy feels. I forget what it was that helped me poop. Something my mother mixed in Gatorade. Until I did that, I wasn't able to go for like 3 days. Hernia surgeries suck.

  bearsgoroar  |  0

62, I had hernia surgery too. They didn't make me wait to poo at the hospital. OP shouldn't be so damn rude. The uncle is the one who just underwent surgery and is waiting to leave the hospital so he can start a pretty painful recovery process.