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That's a shame people have to be spiteful like that it's not like you can help your bad foot

People can be assholes. Sorry OP


People can be assholes. Sorry OP

Without a doubt, and yeah I get it OP injuries can slow you down and those people whom make light of it are just ignorant of how much it affects your lifestyle. Keep your head up!

That's a shame people have to be spiteful like that it's not like you can help your bad foot

#2 OP CAN help the fact that he was late for the train. Ever heard the saying "5 minutes early is on time, on time is late"? Plus, its only 20 minutes. You can deal

It's difficult to be on time for things when you don't know how much your injury is going to slow you down. If they're late because they're disorganised, their problem. If they're late because they're hurt and you're still pissy about it, then you're a jackass.

Pretty sure OP shouldn't be standing on it if they're limping.

Also things can happen beyond your control to make you late I've had it happen I'm sure most people have at some point or another

Because you're obviously perfect, right 11? Never been late for anything in your life?

The train could've also been early... I mean, I missed the bus this morning because it decided to be 30 minutes earlier than usual. I leave my house at the exact same time to catch the same exact bus. Today just wasn't my day. It happens. Also, if you're injured, 20 minutes is too long.

#14, I had my knee torn to shreds, and even though I could barely use it, I still walked on it.

That stinks op. You should've let them know about your bad foot, and it you did, then they're just jerks.

It gets better op, they're just being assholes.

People are rude. SorryOP

What a bunch of fuggin' Farquaads!!

At least the train waited for you bright side of everything.

I woulda been swingin that bad foot, MOVE BITCHES!

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It's better than waiting for another train. That's why you need to be on time.

if you had a bad foot either stand on one leg to rest the other foot or crouch/siting the aisle. They didn't let you sit in a chair get revenge by not letting them out

Good idea!