By baby_trex_arms - 05/05/2015 15:13 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I had to play the hot and cold game with my boyfriend until he found my clitoris. FML
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We all gotta start somewhere...

A07 48

Cut him some slack OP, atleast he's trying, most guys don't even bother according to this site.


We all gotta start somewhere...

iLike2Teabag 27

It's where you finish that counts, right?

The girlfriend: N-no colder... yeah.. yeah higher... no lower. . hot screeching hot, aaaaaannnd right there.

if he is to young to even know where the clitoris them he should be having sex he could be one of those kids that think got can't get a girl pregnant in a pool or while on their period.

grogers311 20

I see what u did there #69

what's the game indeed ?

leogachi 15

A lot of grown men have trouble finding the clitoris. It doesn't really have anything to do with age, he's probably just poorly informed of the female anatomy.

What did you do to your keyboard 101 that caused it to spout a nearly incoherent string of words like that? that English @101?

It's really not hard to find...

I'd say it's pretty hard....if you know what I mean ;)

#42 that'd be funny if it was referring to a penis not a vagina

#59 no, it still wouldn't.

Fun fact, women also get erections

The clitoris gets hard when stimulated, #59. There's no need to be rude to people.

As a woman you should know the clitoris gets hard when stimulated.

There must be something wrong about my body then as my clitoris never got hard, yet I've had orgasms.

There must be something wrong about my body then as my clitoris never got hard, yet I've had orgasms. Edit: fu FML, why did you post it twice?

Honestly she could've saved time by just outright showing him. Problem solved!

#90, you probably just haven't noticed it before. It has increased blood flow just like a penis during stimulation and will swell and get hard. The "hood" or skin over the clitoris doesn't get hard, but often the clitoris itself will grow and peek out from the hood.

Now I'm imagining some sort of perverted peek-a-boo

Still not sure how anyone can not be able to find it. It's literally right there.

Some are abnormally large and protruding. And on the other extreme some are tiny and hidden well. And of course, some dudes just don't care.

Wait, you mean it's not a myth?!

Of course it's real. It's the G-Spot and female orgasm that are myth!

imkool136 22

It's easy to lose it, I've been with my girl for 2 yrs and still sometimes I struggle to get right on it.

Your profile says you love working with your hands though. I thought you'd be better practised.

It depends on each woman autonomically. Some women's vaginal areas are just shaped differently.

imkool136 22

Touché lol, but I'm also not a man whore lol. I'm used to seeing what I'm working with, not just my hand down her pants or down the covers.

Trust me, the g spot and female orgasm are very real. If you're yet to get someone there or experience it yourself (depending on your gender) then keep trying. It's really worth it.

rhcpgurl 18

Did he find it?

I'm guessing that, since the FML ends with the words "until he found it" and contains a precise time frame, yes, he found it...

Was he smoking hot? Or stuck somewhere down in the arctic?

I think you might need a new boyfriend??

Why does that make her need a new boyfriend? He's learning, and even better for her because she can train him to do it how she likes it.

I was just making a joke... but come on it's literally right there how could you miss it...

Someone who's never experienced fingering or touching a vagina in general. They tend to not know where to rub. Just saying.

Very true indeed, just saying he could have looked it up or something

Looked it up? Who googles how to finger a girl when shits about to go down? Like nah babe hold on lemme google this

oh, we'll there's porn to. but I'm sure many people have googled "where is the clit." It wouldn't surprise me anyway.

51 porn is rarely instructive on female pleasure

My boyfriend gets a bit confused. He's slightly too high up. I grab his arm and lightly pull it down to the right spot but he starts pulling back and it ends up being a wrestling match. He's too nervous to look though.

mjansing 4

porn is not so much a teacher as it is an inspiration for new experiences in the bed. there are a lot of books that go into ways to please a woman or a man.

Well did it work?

Eyalsh 32

"until he *found* my clitoris" obviously..

Practice makes perfect

codytallica 38

Communication is key but FHL for not knowing, read a book or something dude.

dakotaabriannee 14

This makes me think y'all are too young to even be intimate witch each other.

And apparently you're too young to spell.

No, no.. I think she is trying to cast a spell!

Or he just never learned. My high school never taught sex ed and barely any of my friends ever really talked about it, so if OP's boyfriend is in a similar situation, then it's understandable that he doesn't know.

i think sex education for safe sex to prevent STDs and pregnancy is important, but I dont think the schools should be teaching "aw yeah! rub 'er right here! it'll make her go crazy!" that being said, a simple "female have a sensative organ called the clitorus, which is an important part of the female orgasm (or something like that)

#56 - Yeah, but some schools don't even say that. My health teacher, on the other hand, handed out a descriptive drawing that labeled where each part was lol. Gross, but informative.

#58 - Reminds me of that Orange is the New Black scene. Very gross. Very informative.

dakotaabriannee 14

So much hate on here all the time, dang. People make grammatical errors all the time. And there's no need to always argue the point. It was just my own personal thought when I read this FML.

You could have the ron white "sex talk" on how the clitoris is as sensitive as an eyeball.