Today, I had to go to the local UPS store to sign for a package with providing I.D. shipped to me. I had no idea who had sent the package. After signing for the package, I opened it and saw that I had signed for an empty package. I actually paid for nothing. FML
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  Steven Harris  |  8

It wasn’t the post office if had bothered to read. It was UPS. The package was not marked on the outside. However after opening it, I saw that I had placed an order with CVS. There was nothing in the package. I was charged for nothing.

By  Chazzster  |  20

OP - Empty packages could be part of an elaborate scam for a seller artificially to inflate their sales and ranking. They are scamming the selling site, not necessarily the recipient.

Google “receiving empty packages from china”

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You paid for the “experience.”

People are often happier paying for experiences than for tangible objects. Not sure I’d want the “trip to the UPS Store” experience, but you do you.

  rickAUS  |  22

The amusing thing is that most freight companies will default back to the sender for payment if the package is not delivered/collected. So if you aren't expecting a receiver pays package and there's no identifying information on the consignment as to who sent it with a customer reference.. just don't accept delivery. They can't force you to accept it.