By FootFlakes - 09/04/2013 17:58 - United States - Boston

Today, I had to explain to my girlfriend once again that the dry skin she picks off her feet belong in the trash, not on our coffee table. FML
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BigShOtz07 5

This is almost as bad as someone clipping their finger nails in public.

I once had an old lady clip her toe nails in front of me on the train. It was bad. *Shudders*

TwiztedYuri 9

not as bad as a guy picking pubes out of his braces on the subway wearing a speedo and military boots

That is so disgusting. Ugh. Who peels their feet and lays the picking on the table??? Especially if they live with someone else. How inconsiderate!

I agree, that's very disgusting and inconsiderate of your girlfriend. Sorry OP.

I agree that's funky, talk to ur chick homie;)

my father in law does it. makes me feel physically sick. get her a pumice stone or a foot file, and some moisturiser. they're my 2 new favourite toys :)

Misskayfoyer 14

#2- That's not the worst of it. I was at a sleep over with a couple friends. We were about to go to bed when I noticed one of the girls picking off the dead skin off he foot and eating it... I can understand if we were little kids, but we were all about 15....

I hate to teach by example in cases like these but maybe you should leaves something equally disgusting around until she stops?

that's like trying to stop violence with violence.

#25 sadly enough, that's how the world functions now-a-days. The perverse logic of retribution seems to be fairly universal...

Haha that's the first thing I thought when I read the FML. I like gooooold!

BellaBelle_fml 23

I once saw a girl chew off her toe nails and used the biggest shard as a spoon to eat her ice cream with. It was beyond disgusting. that way to get her to stop is to sit her down and have a serious talk with her so she can know that you really don't like that :/ best of luck OP!

unknown_user5566 26

This is an example of what happens when someone in a relationship becomes TOO comfortable with their partner. Ick. Buy her some intensive healing lotion and one of those Ped Egg things to help keep her feet, and your coffee table, free of dry skin.

McNikk 15

Does she also wipe her boogers on the bathroom wall?

eshelawn 6

Call me inconsiderate but a chick that nasty should be dumped on the spot.

I agree, but it's equally nasty when a guy does that... Although breaking up just for one nasty habit seems like overkill.