By Anonymous - 16/10/2015 15:05 - United Kingdom - Eastleigh

Today, I had to explain to my boyfriend about the importance of foreplay, and that attempting to get me "in the mood" by whipping his cock out and air humping was roughly equivalent to throwing a dry teabag at me and claiming he made a cup of tea. FML
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heftysmash253 6

Sounds like foreplay isn't his best quali-tea

I love the comparison you made. FYL


Tries to make tea*

Iwannarock1 19

He sounds nice.

This analogy works even better since OP is British.

heftysmash253 6

Sounds like foreplay isn't his best quali-tea

meli1195 31

your bf is pretty awesome though OP. always good to be able to laugh with the person you're sleeping with.

Her boyfriend can't even teabag properly.

Doesnt seem like foreplay is his cup of tea.

He tried that's what matters, right?

I love the comparison you made. FYL

Also love that she's from the UK and used a tea analogy lol

As a dry teabag is to a cup of tea, an air hump is to a successful wooing.

Meaning that air humping is the first step to any successful woo.

NotGabe 28

This has got to be one of the funniest analogies I've seen on this site.

Teabag isn't the only thing that stays dry.

Wait what's foreplay?

You're either way too young, or you're having terrible sex.

or hes making a joke lol

People on this app are typically not naive, they pretend to be stupid by asking naive questions.

Sounds like a fuck boi OP

Holy shit, I just realized that my high school boyfriend was, like, pre-fuckboi.

Hey, communication is good, and if that keeps up then eventually he'll know just how to get you ready. Keep working with him, OP, and don't give up until you've helped him get you from foreplay to orgasm.