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  Sinshine  |  27

Exactly my thoughts. If he wants or, he'll have to get past the spider or sit there all day until his wife comes home. That'd give him time to think about what a wimp he is.

  samomaha  |  17

Safest way is to grab your pets, your laptop, put them in the car, and burn the house down. You can rebuild. Later.

By  interesting33  |  36

he might have a very severe phobia of spiders which needs treating by a professional psychiatrist. this sounnds like the case of he is scared enough he genuinely can't leave the room and had to ask you to drive over that far too. it sounds like it is really interfering.eith both your lives. if it is a phobia then it is not a case of 'you raised him' or anything and doesn't mean he is a wuss..they can be caused by lots of things I think and are very real and debilitating.

By  Deez_Knots  |  10

Did U make sure to stop on the way to get him more tampons

  julfunky  |  29

Nope. I spray with Home Defense and some other brand, liberally, every summer. Do some get across through other means? Sure. But not many. Not enough for that to be true.

By  Charlie Given  |  23

Did the Mighty Mouse theme song start playing when you burst through the door 😏 but in all fairness of they are that frightened of spiders that is a phobia not a fear 🤔