By gassy - 12/02/2013 14:18 - United States

Today, I had my new boyfriend come over. Within five minutes of him arriving, I accidentally let one rip. Shocked, I quickly tried to explain it away with, "That was my shoe." I was barefoot. FML
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They're invisible I swear!

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP! You can't let your boyfriend know that you're a human being with bodily functions! He will never want one of those! Your relationship is doomed! *clutches pearls, swoons*


Omg did nike make them.. They are so like gonna be the latest fad.. Where can I get a pair...

Listen man i know you saw your chance for the first comment but if you got nothin just don't comment.

#8 I love your pic. That is all.

There were no shoes.

19: There's this thing on the internet, don't know if you've heard, it's called sarcasm.

That wasn't even funny tho...

Don't do that....

Nike Air Force 1, pumps son. PUMPS!!

Girl's don't fart! Lies built on LIES.

They're invisible I swear!

The invisa-shoe! For three payments of $19.95 you too can blame your shoes on social accidents. Call now and you will get the invisa-socks to go with your new shoes!

They're spray on shoes, I swear! They're totally real, I saw it on the Internet.

At first I thought you were talking about the farts being invisible.

70, How often are your farts visible?

Cartoon farts!

People fart that's life . If you hold it in then you will just let it all out when you sleep


90-mine are just a green fog...why do you ask?

That's how you find out if he's the one. People in love are completely comfortable with the other person.

You've obviously never been married.

I don't understand your comment #29. My husband and I are completely comfortable with each other. Isn't that what is supposed to happen before you get married, or did I do it wrong?

unknown_user5566 26

32- It sounds like YOU did it right, however #29 did not. It gets annoying to see everyone saying how bad marriage sucks, etc, etc. If you view it as a ball and chain, don't get married in the first place.

32- But you're married to a llama! It doesn't apply to this situation! (Sorry I creeped on your profile)

I am in love with a great guy who is also in love with me - how convenient - but if you ask him I don't fart. It grosses him out, and he thinks it's unattractive when a woman farts. Sooo...I just don't fart around him.

But my llama is the best husband ever! He doesn't spit on me, loves to cuddle, and he's hairy in all the right places ;-)

@52 If he truly loved you, he would be comfortable with every aspect of your body. My girlfriend isn't afraid to burp, and other "unfeminine" things. I never find her less attractive as there is no shame to being a human.

Agree with stormfront

Truly loving someone would be relevant if it wasn't her 'new boyfriend.'

IMA llama maaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

52- I'm sorry, but your husband needs to grow up. Whenever my boyfriend or myself let one slip, the other brushes it off as an "it happens" thing because it does happen. Your husband should be able to maturely handle things out of your control if he loves you.

If that's not sexy, idk what it's.

Maybe you shouldn't feed your shoes so many beans

Guys, Brussel Sprouts :)

Beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot!!

Bla bla.. Electric eel.. Bla bla bla window seal!

holy fuck cake your totally right

Lmfao!!! I can only imagine what the look on his face was... now he just thinks your feet smell like ass. good work.

"Oh and I was making egg salad too before you got here. "

I don't think her boyfriend will be interested in any salad after this, even if it's tossed.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP! You can't let your boyfriend know that you're a human being with bodily functions! He will never want one of those! Your relationship is doomed! *clutches pearls, swoons*

After all everyone poops, Well poots, in this case.

Yeah girls don't fart ..

Might be true, he knows she does, yet its impolite.

I'll think twice before letting gas escape my body next time.

Maybe not the best excuse, but don't worry about it everyone farts it's only natural.

Aww screw it OP when you have to drop a bomb, well bombs away.

come on noor, I hold you to a higher standard of commenting than that!

It didn't work ^^