By kelscait - United States
  Today, I had my first kiss with this guy that I really liked. We started making out and he stopped and had this bizarre look on his face. I thought he was liking it, so I said, "You're a good kisser, you wanna go to the bedroom?" He replied with, "I'll pass, you have really bad breath". FML
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  EMR_fml  |  0

@ #11 I'm as conservative as they come and I agree with your sentiment but this really isn't the place for that type of post.
Edit #11 was deleted as I was typing this Damnit

  TysonFawlay  |  0

#1 and #13: She had the first kiss with that guy, it doesn't say if it was her first kiss ever.

Regardless, it's up to her anyway, and sex isn't that big a deal. =)


If this is the way I read it and that this is your first kiss is wrong you?

if you're having your first kiss, that either means you're too young to be having sex. and if you're not you still wouldn't have the maturity to go straight from a kiss to sex...and you obviously didn't if you couldn't manage your breath.

  Maddoctor  |  10

Wow, dense much? Bedrooms tend to be comfy to make out in, not necessarily always have sex in.

Anyways to the OP, FYL. If I'm in any kind of vicinity with a person with bad breath, I just offer them gum. That guy was pretty rude about the whole thing.

  pinkster2014  |  25

I agree with #158 lol. It reminds me of a scene from spongebob:
*old lady jogging* she says, "There's this new invention called toothpaste, you should try it" xD

  lsvxoxo  |  12

I don't get that everyone is saying that she's a slut.
First of all, she probably meant first kiss with THAT guy, not her first kiss.
Second, she may or may not meant sex
And if she did meant sex, she isn't instantly a slut!

  plexico  |  3

Those products only help a little bit. After about 10-15 minutes of lively kissing, you start to taste the girl's natural breath scent and there's nothing you can do about that.

I had one girl I was crazy about and when the chemicals (including gum) wore off, YUCK. Fortunately, she liked to get down to fucking pretty soon, so it became less of an issue.

Another time, I dated a woman who was the perfect kisser. We could kiss for hours and hours and she still tasted great (not artificial, her natural breath scent was pleasant). Sadly, nothing else about the relationship was very positive at all.


It doesn't matter whether it was her first kiss with that guy or ever. That's not the point! Her first kiss with the guy means they've only been dating a short time and probably know nothing about each other, and therefore propositioning him to sleep with her after what was probably only their first date is quite slutty.

  pureamber  |  0

ehhhh i don't think its slutty, i don't kiss til about the 4th date and by then i'lll usually have decided if they are worth sexing or not. plus, going to the bedroom doesn't mean SEX. omg. theres other stuff to do in there. like boardgames :)


LMAO i'll have to watch out for that. I now know for future reference that a girl asking you into her bedroom could result in.... board games

Not saying there's anything wrong with board games!!

By  Starsmydog  |  0

How easy are you? It's your first kiss and you want to go to your bed room? Even if it is to continue making out being in your bed room is a HORRIBLE idea.

I am sorry but your dumb.. and if he had gone to your bed room you would be known as the easy girl. I can guarantee you will be the pregnant girl in high school. The one that has to drop out because opening up your legs was way more important than opening a book... What the fuck is the rush?

By the way, I invented this thing for bad breath. It's going to be HUGE. Like I will be rich the first day I sell it. Want to hear it? It's called a tooth paste. You should use it sometime.

  sadistmonkey  |  19

Instead it makes them look weak because they obviously have no argument and make the false assumption that deviating even slightly from the norms of English automatically condemns any argument. I'm no debating expert but people need to learn how to make arguments!

  englishmuffin  |  0


OP, FYL because your breath was bad enough for a guy to turn down sex/sexual activity but YDI because bad breath is something you can control.

As for your pitiful line... yeah I don't know. I agree with the comments that it makes you sound easy, but if you're into that kind of thing, whatevers.