By satisfied88
  Today, I had an orgasm for the first time in almost 3 months. My husband was beaming, saying he had given it his all and was ecstatic that he had finally satisfied me. But to be honest, I'd remembered we had a bag of potato chips in the kitchen. FML
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  PurpleRae420  |  0

Yah WTF ok I almost have an orgasm over reese's but I don't weigh over 200 yah I think you do need some help because if you can only get an orgasm over potato chips and not your husband then that is just sad why can't that be motivation right there that you need to join a gym?


76- someone replied to your answer on a different FML but imma say it again I have seen your comments a million times and they all have been a thumbs down or a comment has too many thumbs down every single time you post a comment

  imacreeper  |  3

I think 76 was referring to 70's comment..anyway, you do not/never do make ANY sense in any of your comments. I could thumbs down your comment without even reading it, but I don't because I'm just so damn sweet like that and always get a kick outta them!

  chiddy_bang71  |  0

23 ooohhh nnooooooo! make sure you tell Jeffrey that that nasty old Herbert is snatching up them children again to fill his Nast fantasies (I tried to say what your picture would say, bear with me)