By satisfied88 - 02/06/2011 14:49

Today, I had an orgasm for the first time in almost 3 months. My husband was beaming, saying he had given it his all and was ecstatic that he had finally satisfied me. But to be honest, I'd remembered we had a bag of potato chips in the kitchen. FML
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what in the world. a bag a chips? break it to ur husband that hes never gonna do it for you unless he cums skittles in ur mouth from now on

What would you do for a bag of jelly beans?


strizz18 0

must have been some good ass chips

Are you kidding, these BBQ chips I just opened are getting me pretty horny right now. ; D

ViciousFoxes 0

What brand of chips could possibly be that good? I think I'm buying the wrong kind.

you should start banging chips then, seems like you get a better ****** out of that

PurpleRae420 0

Yah WTF ok I almost have an ****** over reese's but I don't weigh over 200 yah I think you do need some help because if you can only get an ****** over potato chips and not your husband then that is just sad why can't that be motivation right there that you need to join a gym?

Prankster7o7 5

76- What the hell are you talking about? Where does it say that OP is fat?

TylersMB 0

wow. well at least you wwere enthusiastic about something.

ohrlynao 0

i'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!

113- I'm sorry... but I think I love you

She gives a whole different meaning to "Lays"

You should just put a poster of food over the bed lol

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76- someone replied to your answer on a different FML but imma say it again I have seen your comments a million times and they all have been a thumbs down or a comment has too many thumbs down every single time you post a comment

I was about to write that. I think she's probably a social outcast who gets many thumbs down, both on the Internet and in real life (assuming she has a life) ... 

Randuhh_17 4

76- I don't nor can I ever understand your comments... WTF are you saying exactly?...

Love this. Just think of them whenever you have sex then. Maybe next time you can imagine a warm apple pie? Like warm apple pie...

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That's the only word I could think of too..

imacreeper 3

I think 76 was referring to 70's comment..anyway, you do not/never do make ANY sense in any of your comments. I could thumbs down your comment without even reading it, but I don't because I'm just so damn sweet like that and always get a kick outta them!

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76 your comments make me want to kill myself

your profile pic is my favorite motorcycle!!!

jossiegregg 5

that's absolutely repulsive! you need help...

DreBeezy 9

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This comment is pretty mean hearted but it's a good observation.

What would you do for a bag of jelly beans?

JustOhSoLovely 6

your picture and your comment together made me laugh so hard lol

Lucky woman, if she can ****** at the thought of food.

KayBizz 0

i thought it meant she faked the ****** because she wanted chips

Well eating foods that you enjoy does give you a good amount of pleasure...

CaptainPickles72 18

33- No not jelly beans! What would you do for a klondike bar?

katiek69 0

what would you do for a Klondike bar?

What would you do-o-o for a Klondike baaar?

84 needs to learn a lesson from this. it's what would you do O-O for a Klondike bar. Get it right you weirdo

I know you said what I wanted to say.

eliteteamdancer 0

I got thumbed down for saying "no comment"? Fine I'll just say: 93 is fat, of course shell think of food as glorious. -.-

209- You don't have to be fat to enjoy food you nobhead.

I get excited over bags of potato chips. Not because I'm a fatass but we just don't have them often so yeah. ramble ramble.

216 - I don't think of food as glorious...

216, 217. - How would you guys know?

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gawkward 2

209- i think 93 was making a reference to the song "food, glorious food. "

you have potato in your name and we're talking about potato that's a little funny to me ;p

We're talking about potato chips and "potato" is in your name (y) I find that funny, lol ;p

Fail, lol, double post xD and I was referring to #191 "Evilpotato"

528Alice491 3

I'd like this, if it weren't for the rude name.

Annies 17

Where does it say OP is fat?

FMLandurstoo 9

At least you orgasmed. I like it better when guys ****** though. Mmmmmmhmmmm.

hook_em 0

ohhhhhh noooooo! Mr Herbert is back. hide all your children people because he likes little boys oooooooo

hook_em 0

btw congrats on your first ****** in 3 months oooooo

hook_em 0

btw congrats on your first ****** in 3 months oooooo

FMLandurstoo 9

I'm pretty sure I'm starting a family guy community on here

hook_em 0

yea we just have us quagmire chris and Cleveland that's it

23 ooohhh nnooooooo! make sure you tell Jeffrey that that nasty old Herbert is snatching up them children again to fill his Nast fantasies (I tried to say what your picture would say, bear with me)

he's climbing in you window, snatching your children up, so hide yo kids

Sadieladean 0

cuz he's comin' in and rapin' everybody!!

jaidonsafira 0

Giggity. Oh god wait! Nevermind. Giggity.

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

cuz they rapin errebody out here :)

jaidonsafira 0
sweet_blue 3

True, but at least she had one, and made her husband happy. Smiles all round, everyone's happy, plus she gets potato chips!

I would cum too if I got potato chips as reward. At least OP had a good reason.

sensoon15 7

chips get you horny?...probably tastes better

He sounds like he really tries. Op is a douche.

Mmmmmmm chips I want you, inside me. Sooo bad I orgasmed.

Okay seriously that's just pathetic. I could understand cookies but seriously common.

doc_j 0

what in the world. a bag a chips? break it to ur husband that hes never gonna do it for you unless he cums skittles in ur mouth from now on

imcutefml 0

Women would enjoy giving blow jobs a lot more if dicks tasted like candy.

I hear they have an operation for that now...

I really feel like that would make it exciting....certainly make it more frequent lmao

iAmScrubs 19

You loved the saltiness of the potato chips?