By Andre
Today, I had a mumbled conversation with myself in a supermarket aisle about whether or not to buy a bottle of bourbon. Nothing screams "pathetic loser" like an alcoholic in denial having a debate with himself out loud near strangers. FML
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By  Jazzalyn  |  10

Agreed with the whole "admitting it is the first step".

Next time - maybe keep the conversation in your head. I do that when I'm buying stuff, but because I don't do it out loud, I don't get strange looks.

  bubblekitty  |  1

easier to make others do the work for u in searching a word than actually doing the work yourself. plus it was really late and I needed to get some sleep n I wanted to wale up n check to see what the answer were from comments. sorry u guys if u can't handle a question. I guess a person from another country like me doesn't have a life for asking a question. my bad to all of u smart people out there.

  bubblekitty  |  1

I wanted to know an exact answer. wow my bad for even existing for asking such a dumb question. haha get a life u guys didn't even have a reason to post anything. but u wanna act like ur so smart go ahead post anything. I specifically said that I am dumb. so I don't see a reason for u guys to make me see that after I actually admitted it.

  Doortje  |  29

If you want to know an exact answer, just google it. It literally takes less than 5 seconds to go to google, type in bourbon and view the first link which says "Bourbon is a type of American whiskey – a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn." So there, you have your exact answer. Next time do it yourself, so you won't look like the dumb twat you are.

  TempestRain  |  0

We could tell by your name that you are dumb, we could tell by your question that you are an idiot, and we can tell now by your comments that you are a lazy defensive ass. Its fine to ask a question, but don't get all pissy when people answer it! ugh. Idiot.

  iLazy  |  0

Ugh ye ok so I guess your question on who is the idiot is rhetorical since you just tried to start a conversation on a website with a one minute wait before posting another message?


Doortje - Location: The Netherlands
iLazy - Location: Singapore
TempestRain - Location: Greece
So, which country are you referring to, exactly?

Also, people aren't picking on you because you're dumb. They're picking on you because you're OK with staying that way, and you're asking others to compensate for it.

  Sirin_fml  |  46

This thread is stupid, the thread starter is stupid, and that's about it. Either bother to look a word up yourself and be enlightened, or just remain content in your arrogant ignorance. Stop trying to have the best of both worlds.