By Marie - 08/06/2009 18:51 - United States

Today, I had a meeting at work with my board of directors for a potential promotion. When one of them told a joke, I politely let out an amused snort. Then, I noticed my director's white shirt and tie covered in red splatter. I nose bled all over the director of my company. FML
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You've got red on you.

Maybe you shouldn't snort?


Maybe you shouldn't snort?

Oh come on it was a polite snort.

Op shouldve just giggled or something...

You've got red on you.

LOL , awwwww .

THAT IS SO AWKWARD ^^^ you fail.

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O_O That's gross... I feel bad for you. Hopefully he'll look past the incident and focus on your talent?

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#4 fails

Awesome! Sniffle, walk away... He'll NEVER KNOW who did it! :)

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Something like this happened to me before, except it was an all white outfit I was trying on at Dillard's for a party that night. Got blood aaaaalllllll over it, and had to pay for it. Eff both of our lives.

Oh jeeze I remember moderating this one too. XD That would suck. In anime, getting a nosebleed means you're aroused! :D >_> I don't see how that would help the situation any though.