By lmaofuck - United States - Westerville
Today, I had a guest at my house. I stood up to shake her hand and kiss her on both cheeks, which is common in my culture. When she was kissing my cheeks, I went the opposite way from her and I ended up kissing her on the lips instead. Her eyes went big and I ran away. FML
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  Tripartita  |  44

Gotta love the obligatory obvious FML advice.
"Tell her" – So throwing paper airplanes at her head with written explanations is out of the question.
"tactfully" – And to think OP might've talked in a series of grunts or stood with their back to her, flailing their arms!

  134jme  |  8

Maybe they've immigrated there or were brought up with another culture. Just because they live in Ohio, doesn't mean they can't have customs and traditions..

  Indianboy9321  |  25

It was a joke, as the author of the comment has already started, so relax. Don't be one of those people that immediately takes offense to every little quirk and comment, sheesh!

  ewildawe  |  9

Cultures don't have national borders.. I know that Arabs have cheek-kissing as a custom, so I'd assume OP was of Arab origin and living in the US. On a side note, good luck with Trump...

  PeaceTurtle  |  17

Though it's typically not a thing in United States culture, there are a lot of different kinds of people with a lot of different kinds of cultures in the melting pot. we're a nation made up of immigrants and Native Americans

  Madds16  |  3

just because OP is from Ohio doesn't mean they were born there or in America. They could be an immigrant or they were raised to greet people that way. My best friend is from South America and when he greets me he kisses me on the cheek because that's his culture. Yes, he was born here.

  Tripartita  |  44

Well, it's the fifth time somebody's posted something like that. Let's see if we can go for six!

If anybody needs help, there are already five comments that make the same point. Feel free to draw inspiration from them.

  Nati9876  |  10

#6, They aren't creepy. I thought there was something wrong with Americans when I first went there because they don't act like people from my country. I got used to it.


There's a difference between a person's "culture," and the place/country that they live. For example, a person can be Mexican and have the customs of that culture, but still live in a place outside of Mexico, like the United States or a European country. Most people have a different cultural background than the place that they live in.

By  nityasomaiya  |  46

I'd think that if it was your culture, you'd be used to doing so. I wonder how you'd make such a mistake. Maybe she was just pretty and you internally just wanted it....