By fashionista1787 - 12/09/2011 03:23 - United States

Today, I had a creepy old guy with awful body odor in my salon. As I was washing his hair, he brought up how he wants to start a garden, and how a woman's monthly flow weirdly helps to make it grow. Then he asked me if I can save up my used tampons for him. FML
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Well awkward seems a bit of an understatement..

Wait. So using dirty tampons in my garden isn't normal? Shit.

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Get red to go green. Proactive thinking. He can have mine... Although It's always brown and not red

I think I have some crusty socks he can use too...

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Tell him you'd love to. Only if he pays for them.

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How does he even know that it helps the garden grow.... Did he try it before? Who would even think to try that? Where did he get the previous bloody tampons to try it out, since it sounds like he doesn't have a gf. So many questions... Not sure if I want them answered

67, unfortunately, they probably won't get answered. It's very rare that we see an OP comment on their FML, although, when they do, it's such a memorable moment.

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67, a simple Internet search using the words 'what natural fertilizer' could bring that up. Some women who use cloth pads or menstrual cups use the water from soaking pads to water their houseplants or gardens, and dump the blood from the cups into a bucket of water to keep it for their gardens

67-All blood works! he has probably buried plenty of little boys in his garden.

Is it just me, or did anyone else get half a "cub" from reading this? JK JK but seriously that is nasty.

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...the hell is a cub? Are you talking about a baby bear? Or lion?

Half a cub as in half a boner. >.> lol

138, ahh, see, the reason no one got what you said is because I think you're the only person to ever have referred to an erection as a cub. Good work.

Tyler Ennis as your picture! I love him! Let's go buffalo.

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Awkward turtle. I'd tell him to politely leave, unless he was senile of course.

Yeah, gross. Who would wash some guy's hair?

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i wonder how he found out that a womans monthly flow makes it grow...

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Tell him that Edward Cullen's got dibs on them ready.

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I thought it was a pretty nice picture of me actually

That dude has mental problems... And your have to rub his head damn fyl

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Comma after "head". FYL are initials which means they are in uppercase. Full stop at the end of your sentence.

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All of you need to *really* stop trying to be *Grammar Nazis*. Do you not have a life? Sheesh!

Eyes bees a's troln, pizn off grama nasis.

I'm with 54 PLEASE STOP. One correction per comment is more than enough. You're never going to fix the Internet. Please stop trying.

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What creeper!! FYL OP....doesn't that make you wish you had called in sick or something like that today?

i think i just vomitted twice in my mouth

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You can use the vomit for fertilizer.

Better yet, vomit on your used tampons. I heard it's better than miracle gro. Doesn't smell particularly nice, but your plants will love it.

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Well....maybe there's business in this! Maybe you should partake in this OP!