By Anonymous - 26/01/2010 05:25 - United States

Today, I had a completely improvised audition for the school play. The director called me and one of the cutest guys auditioning to improvise an intimate scene. Knowing that I'm a complete klutz, I wasn't all that surprised when I tripped over my feet and landed with my face in his crotch. He was. FML
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Nice way to break the ice.

ahhh hahaha! lucky him


ahhh hahaha! lucky him

So the lead guy just goes up to the girl and makes up a pick up line and it ends up with her face on his cock? Sign me up.

you wernt surprise to land on his crotch sounds like u were aming for it lol

did you at least by him dinner?

be like, "Is this intimate enough for you?"

Your fucking gay You probably wanted your face in his crotch

Troll Attempt: 2/10

The OP's a girl, idiot.

lmao you hate noobs?(yourself). loser troll


shadic ur hott! :P

Time to practice your intimacy roll lmao

He was? ahahahjaha

Nice way to break the ice.

Yeah, you're a little clumsy...

Roseicat 16

Maybe it will get you extra credit :L

yeah he was on right?

maybe it was the good kind of surprised?

That's what I was thinking. Surprised, sure, but not necessarily offended.

Heads are heavy, and one slamming into your crotch is never a pleasant surprise. XD

Speaking from experience?

Talk about a violent way to hit on someone eh ;D Then again, that is not the kind of predisposition a guy would usually complain about, no biggie.