By Anonymous - Canada - Airdrie
  Today, I had a chat with my husband, and I convinced him to try being more spontaneous to spice up our sex life. This evening, he burst into our bedroom with an eyepatch on, and "seductively" growled, "I'm gonna slay your pussy, wench." FML
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  FirebirdF350  |  7

Miss kendall, the one I believe your thinking of is 'angry pirate' although now that I think of it one-eyed pirate would be similar, she would still need the peg leg though, our else it's just blind wench

  KaiserSD  |  8

All she said was spontaneous, meaning it was left to interpretation. Shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't come out the way you want. Next time, don't be vague.

  perdix  |  29

#18, I've never hired a hooker, partly because I was never 100% sure of what they do. Now that you've made it clear to me, I'm definitely not doing that!!!!

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

4- At least he tried AND she didn't have to spend the night responding to "Fluttershy", like a previous Op who requested the same thing from her hubby. ;P

  fortunelady  |  15

"Be more spontanteous."
"I have an eyepatch fetish/I think we should roleplay/Be the pirate captain to my fair maiden."

I see where he got the idea, honestly, but I would not call the two ideas exactly the same. That said, I wouldn't object to my OH calling me a wench in the boudoir but that doesn't mean the OP feels the same way!