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Today, I got yelled at by a customer for saving them money. FML
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Welcome to Retail.

That's exactly why the person whom coined the phrase, "The customer is always right," was clearly wrong.


Welcome to Retail.

People now a days cannot be Greatful for little things I know alot of kids my age that always want more without working for it and it makes me sad I was born in this generation

Generally most customers are not your age...

When I was in retail, young people, or even kids, were rarely the ones that gave me problems. The ones that acted rude and entitled were often middle aged or older. This was just my experience. In any case, you shouldn't generalize an entire group of people based on the minority of interactions you have come across. A lot of older people I know are homophobic and fairly racist, but I don't say the entire baby boomer generation and all older people are just a bunch of ignorant bigots, because it isn't true. You don't come to conclusions based on only the things you see around yourself, it is a minority, and does not show accurate results of the group as a whole.

#22, so true. When I came out, my religous grandmother who attends church every Sunday was the one I was most afraid of telling, due to the image of old bible thumpers I'd been led to believe was the norm. She turned out to be the most accepting, and later when her church put out a newsletter saying they accepted everyone regardless of their identity or orientation, she said she'd never been more happy to be a member. I had half expected her to disown me.

Actually, the customers who are the nicest to me are the ones around my age range (16-21 years old). The ones who I found the rudest are the women in their 30s-50s. For some reason, those women LOVE their coupons. Women who are in their 60s-80s are also pretty nice; they're the only ones who told me how cute I looked in my costume when we got to dress up for Halloween at my work. I don't get a whole lot of men at my work, but the ones I've helped have been very kind (except that one older guy who totally creeped on me....)

That's exactly why the person whom coined the phrase, "The customer is always right," was clearly wrong.

...what if the person who coined the phrase was a customer?

Most likely was a customer.

#30 & #33, almost definitely.

They've obviously never worked with customers before. 99% of the time, the customer is wrong. So, so wrong.

Thos is the earliest ive been let me think of a joke. Knock knock Who's there? Ass Ass who? Ass cheeks Damn my only job and I messed up.fml

I think the true FML of your comment is that the rest of us have to read it (at least until it's buried).

Going to need some ice for that burnt bum now haha

And that once buried, we can't continue to down vote.

The customer might think hes to rich to save money maybe that's why he yelled but sorry op about the customers

"I noticed the… deposit you made was a bit light. This happens again, and I put a cap in your as—" "Look, it's not my fault! The chick you have working the register insisted I pay sale price instead of full! Your money laundering scheme has some serious flaws!"

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"You know you'd save quite a bit of money if you put those donuts back. I mean come on... do you really need them?"

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FYL because you were just doing your job, but a little YDI if you gave them a discount without asking them if they wanted it first. It's sad because you meant to do something nice, but some people are very ashamed of being poor and they wanna hide it. So when you give them a discount without asking them, they get hurt and angry because they assume you have pity for them.

There MIGHT have just been a sale happening… but clearly you think a favour was going on so I guess we'll never know.

IcyDarcy 10

True, there might have been a sale. OP might have said something like, "You bought two of those, if you buy a third one, you'll get one free." and the customer got pissed because they thought OP was forcing them to buy more... (We get that kind of "2 + 1 free" sales a lot here, but they're not clearly advertised so people get confused and angry because they assume the cashier is trying to trick them.) But you're right, we'll never know unless OP gives us more details :)

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Just so you know sometimes the sale is automatic. I know that when I worked at coffee shop if a person got a sandwich a drink and then something else automatically it would go in a combo and take like 70 cent off their order.

Yeah ive worked both retail and restaurant work. A lot of times a sale goes on and either its automatic, or its one of those things where you do enter it but its so common that we do it automatically. Normally no one ever complains when they think itll come to say $20 and we ask for $18. The few times people have asked why it was cheaper than expected, once explained that there was a sale going on, they were fine with it and happy to not pay as much. Being yelled at for it is kinda ridiculous.

I'm supposed to ask for coupons right before I finish the transaction. Some were sale items, others were not. The coupons they tried to use would have taken off sale items anyway, but the exclusions on one of the coupons clearly states "cannot be combined with other coupons". I only suggested using 2 other coupons which ended up saving them more money. They were just upset they couldn't use that one coupon (it was a pretty shitty coupon anyway if you ask me).

Well maybe OP is a mechanic and took the belt off a supercharger built into a car, because technically it would be more fuel efficient. BUT I WOULD BE HELLA PISSED IF I GOT MY SUPERCHARGER DISABLED!

if they didn't want to save money than you shouldn't have forced them.