By Shan007tjuuh - 06/03/2012 08:57 - Netherlands

Today, I got up at 4:30 am, went to my job as the newspaper guy. Nobody was there to open the door, it was raining and I was freezing. I decided to wait, because I really wanted my salary. At 6 o'clock my boss opens the door and says, "Oh, it's you. Well, you're fired. We can't pay you anymore." FML
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I congratulate you on your dedication.


Shit on his car and say "Oh, it's you. Well it was shitted on. It's not clean anymore" when he walks up. Then politely ask for his tie, so you can wipe your ass.

Time to find better job!

Probably wasn't his boss's fault that he needed to let him go because they can't afford to keep paying his wages. A lot of financial problems going on at the moment.

He's a newspaper guy they barely got any wages in the first place.

IphonFML 6

I hope you seriously punched him in the face and walked out like a bau5

Yeah but 32, that was a piss poor way of telling the guy.

81, not to mention that he let OP stand out in freezing rain for an hour and a half! That really bites...

shame op, i'm sure you can find a job where they respect you more

Fire someone who doesn't do their job

I congratulate you on your dedication.

Me too, shows OP works hard for money and probably appreciates every penny.

Take civil action if you aren't paid up until the point you were fired.

Time to go postal on his ass.

'tis a true day, not a day since has been truer. They are all fake. Conspiracy, man! *takes another hit from bong and passes out*

wow, did you punch him? cause i definantely would!

No you wouldn't.

It sucks that they have to fire you when you're so devoted to your job! :(

So what? Your 12 and delivering newspapers? Seriously, get a real job. I masturbate goats, THAT's a real job.

drawmesunshine 17

I don't like you.

Stop acting cool. Working people should be respected not riducled.

7- ......So, you're suggesting 12 year olds should masturbate goats to teach them what a "real job" is? :p You sir, are odd.

hotPinklipstick 24

Delivering newspapers doesn't automatically make you 12 or whatever. Some people actually make a living off of it and it's a damn good one too. I know a woman that made $75,000+ a year doing that job. Oh and Masturbating goats is a real job? No it's what you got stuck with because you aren't qualified for anything else. Instead of making something of your self you settled and now you are bitter. Seriously get over yourself.

I bet you enjoy masturbating those goats, don't you? Is that why you're indirectly suggesting that 12 year olds need to masturbate goats with you for a living?

Whats a real job to you???!!! -__-

Well, he did indicate that masturbating goats is a real job to him, so...

This guy has a point. I don't care if one lady made 75k doing that job, she is one the exception, not the rule. If you are an adult, get a career. Working shitty hourly jobs for the rest of your life is fine for a housewife so she isn't bored, but if you ever want to make a substantial amount of money you need to drop the paper route and get off minimum wage.

12 Years Old can't real job. dumbass!! Maybe Mowing the lawn or raking leaves..and plus Delivering papers is pretty much every kids first job

This is 2012, not 1960. Married mothers have careers now, not casual jobs to stop them being bored. And chances are O.P is probably using this job to help pay for tertiary education to get a career, although I'm not assuming this is necessarily the case.

hotPinklipstick 24

Depending on the place newspaper delivery people can make $100-$200 a night plus gas money. Yes it's bad hours but depending on how quick you do the job and how big the route is it can take less than 3 hours. I know from personal experience considering it was my job when I started college a few years ago. I made good money doing it.

hotPinklipstick 24

Note: I am not talking about a bicycle delivery job, I'm talking about an actual route that can be 50+ miles total.

Guys come on. #7 is definately a goat.

imani132 6

Uhhh ima pretend I didn't just read that...

Do you make them cum in your mouth asshole

Tale em to court

Even though it's spelt wrong, I read this like we were on a stakeout starsky n hutch style!

hammerfall26 6

Yes, follow them to court.

OP lives in the Netherlands and they might not have the same protection that other countries have.

OP, if I was a hiring manager, I would hire you for your dedication. Still, FYL though, but just know, you would have a job.

MeLuvBewbs 7

Start a headline with "Boss that trolls hardworking newspaperman"