By robinhoood - United States
Today, I got T-boned by a woman going 60 mph. I was unconscious for hours while a tube was inserted into my collapsed lung. Upon waking up my 16-year old brother thought it would be hilarious to yank out my leg hairs. FML
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  bassfisher100  |  23

mine collapsed 3 times last December, I was in the hospital for 12 days. I was awake for my chest tube ._. and the doctor stabbed me in the lung with it to see if it was blocked

By  hahaha6  |  0

awww.... sounds like my brother!
he was just showing you he was glad that you were awake!

(yeah, i know. i dont take too kindly to his way of showing affection either)

  Raven_Muse  |  3

WTF? would you think it would be funny if you got in a car accident, had a tube put into you, and have someone make you scream and move while said tube was in your body? Twisted people like you should be locked up.