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Today, I got pulled over heading home from college. My car was full of my stuff from moving out and I couldn't reach the glove box. I told the cop this, and asked if he wanted me to go around to the passenger side to get my paperwork. He agreed. When I got out of the car he pepper sprayed me. FML

By Ilovelife07 - / Monday 11 May 2009 18:55 / United States
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By  TheRightEye  |  3

Cops are fucking dicks You should file some sort of complaint Or as much as it sucks, in the end you can go home laughing about the fact that he's probably going to die of obesity from eating too many doughnuts

  drcool41  |  0

when ure eyes recover take out ure phone and snap a pic of him if he won't give u his name, then sue his ass!

  LH_FIRE_22  |  12

I wouldn't exactly insult the police without the full story. I feel OP left something out. Cops wear body cams and/or have body cams. They aren't that stupid

  nickernutz  |  0

fucking police brutality. that's wrong. they're not allowed to do that unless you're agressive or have a weapon. you can charge him with assult. did you get his name at least?

By  defiantawakening  |  0

FYL. I'm pretty sure the cop can get in trouble for that. But also you should never get out of the car for a cop. It gives away consent to search your entire vehicle. I'm assuming you had nothing to hide, though... :]

  minesbiggerr  |  25

Cops must always have on their recording device web they pull someone over. Also they can't turn it off so if op did ask and the cop did agree thats the perfect evidence

By  FHbeast  |  0


  munchly  |  17

no he could be telling the truth. I've had my friend arrested for no reason when she was just walking with her baby! I've also had my ex bf (while we were together) get beat up by a couple cops just because he had a past record. this kind of stuff actually happens!

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