By daisyann - United States
Today, I got pulled over for the first time. When the officer came up to my window, I immediately burst out into tears due to nervousness. He kept asking me for my licence and registration. Hysterical, I wasn't able to comply. He arrested me for not cooperating. FML
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By  FarSide  |  22

Regardless if you have anger and road rage, or become easily distraught...

If you cannot be in total control of your emotions, you do not belong behind a steering wheel operating a motor vehicle.


Good point. I wouldn't want someone who gets that stressed out by a police officer driving a car. If the OP hit me with her car, she would probably just sit there bawling her eyes out while I bled to death.

By  midwestjerk  |  0

What are you, sixteen? Seventeen?

And what did you get pulled over FOR?

Christ. It's a sucky experience, but most of the time you deserve the ticket. I got caught speeding once, when I was 18 - it was enough of a lesson for me. Pay attention to the road and own up to fucking up.

By  girlnexdoor  |  0

I was shaking when I first got pulled over. I pulled out about 5 different insurance papers before I found the right one to hand to him. So I understand your frustration.

Acting all sweet and innocent will do a world of good though, I've been pulled over 3 times now, (never for speeding) and never even got a warning from the officers.

  emzmcgee  |  0

Not necessarily, it depends on what you're being pulled over for, could have been a busted tail light or something, most cops are pretty laid back about that sort of thing, especially if you're nice and polite to them.

  girlnexdoor  |  0

Yeah, first time I was following too close behind someone because they were going 45 in a 60 because they slowed down when they saw the cop parked. Second time for not signaling while coming out of a parking lot. Third time I got pulled over because I didn't signal on a highway.

So yeah, all I've got was, "be careful next time".