By Anonymous - 30/03/2012 14:42 - United Kingdom

Today, I got on the train with my bike, leaning it up against the wall. After a while, it began to slide down the wall and wobble, so I dashed out to catch it. As I ran for it, I slipped and crashed into it, knocking it into an old man and busting the rear brake. FML
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Perhaps it would be better to hold an object with wheels on a moving train.

That was an interesting train of events.


Perhaps it would be better to hold an object with wheels on a moving train.

No, it is the ls man's fault for getting in the way.

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#6 getting deleted by a mod in 3...2..

Sounds like someone fell asleep in physics class

Number one is right, you hold onto your stuff, especially a bike, you don't sit across the train. If you did that on the subway here, you wouldn't have to worry about it falling, someone would hold on to your bike for you. And ride it back to their house.

I agree with #6. It is obviously the old man's fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and that someone else knocked a bike into him which the old man had no control over whatsoever so the only logical explanation is that the old man cause the incident for doing nothing while OP cause the problem himself. *breathe in* so... umm... yeah.

Hold the bike? **** that. I'll be pimpin' in that train cabin rockin' some nice backside 180s and rail grinds.

I think a complex system of ropes and pulleys to hoist the bike up to the correct angle to lean it against the wall of the train would work better.

Or, the UK could do what we do with the intercity trains in Sydney, install special purpose hooks that one can hang a bicycle from.

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**** your brakes! What'd ya bust on the old timer?! **** HIS Life

That exactly what I was thinking! Damn the bike, poor old guy.

His monetary status shouldn't be assumed to be low, solely on the fact that he is using public transportation.

Not poor as in having a monetary deficit, but the other one :p

I know. I was using a play on words.

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Uh oh...this is why I hang onto my stuff when in a moving vehicle! If that would have happened to me, I'd cry from embarrassment! I hope the old man is okay.

too bad for the old man! FHL instead :|

It's better you busted the rear brake of your bike than the rear of the old man

You took a bike on a train? Well better than taking a train on a bike

Unless it's a Tonka train, then it's easier and you'll have more fun.