By tax season blues - / Tuesday 19 February 2019 05:00 / United States - Hesperia
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By  Rae Miller  |  7

Take the ex to court and have it ordered by the judge that you claim him every year. If the new wife tries anything you have legal documents stating what was agreed.

By  abfab5300  |  10

Oh how wonderful it must be to be one of these children, with parents not only sensible enough to have them once the relationship has proven steady, but also setting such a great example on how to behave decently as adults.

  jellenwood  |  33

This is so NOT true!!!!! It takes way more than a measly monthly check to raise a child. He has no right to claim the dependent.

By  bkwusa  |  14

Had to look this up, you should still file in paper and claim your child. If more than 1 person claims the child the IRS will write both people that they need to correct their 1040 form. If neither does then the IRS will request from both parents proof that they have the right to claim the child. The IRS does not care what any court has said unless it was before 2009. When claiming a dependant it asks if the dependant lives with you for over 50% of the time, this means that in almost all cases the custodial parent wins the cases by the IRS. The non custodial parent would then have to pay back the incorrect amount sent to them and also pay any relevant interest and penalties.

  jellenwood  |  33

You mean correct their 1040.

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