By greeneyedpothead - United States - Hanford
Today, I got my foot stuck in the car seat belt. I kept pulling to loosen it up but it just kept getting tighter till my foot was in the air, so I started panicking and eventually started crying. My boyfriend had to pull over and save me from a seat belt. FML
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  sleepydeath  |  4

I got my Hand stuck in the window, I open the door and it was one of those moving seat belts so I ended up in a target parking lot close to choking myself and waiting for my mom to come help get stuck

  alliewillie  |  22

You panicked and cried until your boyfriend pulled over... Because your foot got wrapped in the seatbelt. You sound like a drama queen and a wuss.

F your boyfriend's life.


I get panic attacks when I feel like I can't escape from anywhere, and am extremely claustrophobic, hence the freaking out part! It was only till after he was already pulling over to help that tears came down lol.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Really? Must we continue with this silly "Stop acting so smart by showing your education" BS?
It doesn't take "smarts" to follow the rules of grammar. It just takes knowledge and the will to use it.
Is it really asking so much for a native english speaker to actually write grammatically correct sentences?