By Anonymous - 25/01/2013 20:13 - Canada - Quebec

Today, I got married. I'm Jewish, and it's traditional to break a glass cup by stepping on it after giving the bride her ring. My brother thought it would be funny to replace the glass cup with a rubber one. I slipped and fell flat on my back. FML
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SerenaSerenadex3 13

Typical first comment; it's a very tragic disease.


SerenaSerenadex3 13

Typical first comment; it's a very tragic disease.

People need to take a moment to think and not put what they are doing at the moment.

Come on guys, it's obvious she put a immense amount of deep, deep thought to that comment right there. Go easy!

Hey at least it's a memorable moment you will never forget about your wedding. Just laugh it off! Congrats OP!

Remington1619 3

Thats what she gets for being a Jew!

Well congratulations on getting married, and maybe one day you can look back and have a laugh

perdix 29

Haha, I get it. Look "back" :D Good one!

iOceanus 18

Congrats on getting married! Trolls never sleep. No one is safe in any place, at anytime!

Ban him from the reception, or just alcohol at the reception

Since we're spitting out stupid ideas, sue him while you're at it. Get him back, and make it epic. Prank wars can be SO much fun!

LMFAOwned 9

I suppose that's better than cutting your for on glass... never heard of that tradition before but congrats!

The glass is wrapped in a fabric. you don't see the glass and it doesn't make any kind of mess.

The tradition has been perfected over thousands of years too.

Uh, this is a tradition at every Jewish wedding (at least every Jewish wedding I've been to or seen). The glass is wrapped in a thick cloth that is hard to puncture through. Maybe some reading might help...

You're going to look back on this, one day, and laugh about it; you still married the girl you love, be happy.

Congrats on the wedding :) Your brother has an awesome sense of just sucks when you get caught in the middle of it!

I wonder if there is a creative way to get back at your brother?