By Anonymous - 12/07/2013 04:36 - United States - New Orleans

Today, I got lost, and eventually noticed that I'd passed by the same house a few times. Apparently somebody who lives on that street noticed as well, because the next time I passed by, the police were waiting for me. FML
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Did they at least give you directions?

Seems like a blessing in disguise to me.


Did they at least give you directions?

Yes. The location he's looking for, is at the corner of fuck off and get a map. (No I'm not telling anyone to fuck off, I'm merely making a joke)

"You can't get there from here"

time to invest in a GPS enabled device

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@35 it definitely does happen. In some rural areas, unless you actually ask for help, people will look at you like you're a dumbass and gather around to watch you fail miserably. least you can get directions now :) Know the feeling of getting lost; with the exception that I haven't had the cops called on me yet hehe

People are too damn paranoid nowadays. Everything's always about, " he drove past me 3 times he's definitely stalking me"

Seems like a blessing in disguise to me.

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I was thinkin the exact same thing. Free escort.

33: What? I want a free escort! Oh, you meant the police...

#48 You don't like your escorts with hand cuffs?

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Don't worry, you were just lost in one of those freaking mazes where every freaking house is exactly the same.

You mean suburbia?

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seems pretty lucky if you ask me - you could have just asked them for directions

Men never ask for directions

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Yes they do just not a often and quickly as women though

I mean, I thought my joke was clever. Eh, back to the drawing board for me

ask if they give you a ride home with the sirens on

And ask if you can play with their gun, they love that.

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Didn't you post that on some other comment involving police also?

I would have accelerated pass them screaming FUCK DA POLICE AHHAHHAHAHA! Then you would pass the house again and the cycle continues.

Except the next time you came around you would find yourself at a police roadblock waiting to arrest you.

The OP Got lost He could not find his way It was certainly not his day He passed one house Quite a bit on this street. A Neighbour noticed and... Called the police.

suess was resurrected

Why are some people so paranoid that if you see a person passing the street or your house multiple times, you have to call the cops.

Maybe OP was in a bad part of town. I know if I lived in a shit hole I'd be paranoid too.

Even if that's true I still find is weird as shit. Okay if he's there for like an hour and not leaving, sure.

10- there's a house near where I live of a family that is super paranoid. You drive by their house and they are already looking out their windows. If you have your lights off or license plate covered they run out of their house at you with flashlights. So of course young kids mess with them all the time. They're a very creepy family.

^ Has your local bank been robbed since they moved in?

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Also, in some high priced suburban neighborhoods, people will think you're a burglar casing the place.