By Dezzmond68 - Canada - Aylmer
Today, I got in trouble at work because the person whom I trained, and had done everything correctly with no mistakes and said he was comfortable being on his own when I asked, was screwing it all up over the course of 6 weeks. When I asked him, he said, "I think my way's better than yours." FML
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  ThatOneChick856  |  36

I don't think op can just let him "get his own ass fired" if the higher-ups think that this is the result of OP's supposedly shitty training. Unless OP can somehow convince the boss that the trainee did well during training.


Let me do the honors of summarizing then:
OP trained the new guy at work. During their training, he did everything correctly. She then asked him if he was comfortable working on his own, which he said he was. After six weeks, OP found out the new guy was fucking everything up. Apparently, he decided to ignore all the training he got because he thinks his way is better than hers.

By  DelugeandDrought  |  7

Ah, the cocky employee. I know someone exactly like this. His old company uses everything he did during their employee gatherings when letting everyone know what they appreciate and do not appreciate in an employee. You might be in some trouble, but I doubt it'll escalate for you. For your coworker? Most definitely.

By  vguy90  |  6

I'm not terribly certain with what you're trying to say. But, if I understand it correctly, chances are he'll lose his job soon enough. There's always a reason you're taught to do things a certain way at a job.

By  manuwish  |  9

why did you get in trouble? don't you have proof you showed him the right way? what about the first ones he did till you let him do it on its own, isn't there a way to prove he's just not following your instructions?

By  nigeriangirl  |  13

Some people can be so unnecessary. I wish he would repeat that statement to higher management so they can see that his mess isn't your fault but as a result of his self absorbed superiority complex.