By Hannah - United States
Today, I got excited because I found a chat line for teens who are dealing with depression. I signed up and was about to enter the chat room and then a message popped up that said ''Sorry this is only available for teens in the United Kingdom.'' FML
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  mikeyboi19  |  5

dude you're in the united states! we got friggin free hotlines and in some areas free help for depressed kids. honestly, does depression also cause stupidity.

  mitsoi  |  0

best to understand the condition before you poke at them...

depression is a long term mental medical condition... those suffering from it find it harder ( not impossible) to become excited...

  mitsoi  |  0

i've been diagnosed w/depression for 12 years now... in my years of depression I frequently got excited --- party, bars, sure.. lots of fun ---- but sooner or later they start to visually bum out and eventually leave...

depression, put in simple terms is a person who always who 'defaults' to unenergetic, sad, and inverted...

  redbluegreen  |  40

If you (or anyone) is really serious about people with depression being unable to get excited for any reason, you're obviously very new to the world. If you're trying to be ironic, it really isn't funny either. I hate to break it to you.

  Jesus_is_Lord  |  0

The only way to get over depression is threw Jesus Christ... nothing else will fulfill you like him, he loves everybody and wants to have a relationship with anyone who come to him!!

  yottskry  |  0

Yes, there's no better way to do absolutely nothing and still feel like you're helping than through prayer and the Lord. After all, the Lord was so good at preventing earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, wasn't he? I can't believe people still believe this nonsense. It's 2010 for goodness sake. Religion and everyone who follows it belong in the dark ages.

  boatkicker  |  4

This is FML, not (so far as I know that's not a real website..... just so you all know that)

While non-religious myself, I also understand that it does have a lot of benefits for a lot of people, and find the "Religion is pointless, outdated and idiotic" type comments very offensive. Just because it doesn't help you, does not mean it doesn't help people. It gives moral guidance, a sense of purpose, a community, and its also comforting to think there is someone watching over you. Those are all great things that are built into religion.

However, I find a lot of the response comments equally offensive. "You're going to hell" comments are just as rude. I know at least Christians are supposed to leave the judging up to God (Admittedly I know very little about other religions).Telling them that they're going to hell isn't your job, nor is insulting them. You're entitled to your opinion, (believing they will go to hell) but you are not God, adn you don't actually get to decide those things.

Both sides of this really need to stop it and grow up, or else take it somewhere off FML, because I'm going to guess that most people here get just as annoyed as I do seeing it.

  Resquall  |  0

This is more of a one-sided argument. As far as I see it, Jesus_is_Lord is just suggesting to the OP that Jesus could help. He isn't being a troll at all; a troll would try to impose their religion through threats and false information ("You're gonna go to Hell if you don't pray"). He's simply stating what he believes is the right thing to do; don't we all?

  honestlove11  |  0

I'm an evangelist christian, and I love to spread the word.. but there is no need to shove it at random people on the Internet..

also, do you realize what the F stands for in fml? lol

  luvsmebaby  |  0

He did that because we diserves it fir vein self centered greedy bastards. have fun in hell. I hope God forgives your sins I'll pray for you :-) God Bless all :)

  miianah1  |  22

Yeah. Although I don't really see how this is an FML. The website wasnt available. Just google another site. It's pretty much the same as someone saying FML because the YouTube video wasnt available in their country. And for those of you who are going to say "it's an FML because she has depression", the way it's written implies that her life is fucked because of the websites unavailability.

  jamjam12  |  15

wow that is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. ydi for being depressed?! like WTF?!?!? based on that, you probably come from a rich family and get everything you want. not everyone has it as easy as you. you cant help depression from happening. think before you say these things

  Trippy  |  0

yeah a lot of people on this site can be ignorant. depression sucks. just keep looking for a good site. you could always talk to a friend about it.