By Emi N. Jax / Monday 21 January 2019 02:00 /
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  Emi N. Jax  |  12

No we were only gone 2 days, cats are pretty resilient. She got sick before we left unfortunately, we were going to take her back to the vet after we got back but we were too late 😔

  Neminess  |  10

You are an idiot. If your cat was sick, you should've at least gotten someone to look after her. She SUFFERED for two damn days because you were too lazy. I'm glad she doesn't have to be with you anymore. Please do NOT get a pet. You clearly aren't responsible enough to take care of one.

  tipsyone  |  19

Agree with the poster. You are moron and shouldn’t be allowed to have pets again!

The fact that you neglected your cats sickness really speaks volume. And you have the decency to cry for sympathy?? Fuck you OP!!

  siggy_mcsigx  |  19

I understand why people are upset but it could also be a classic case of a pet dying once its human leaves. Dogs and cats tend to find solitude when they know their time is up. Even people tend to pass away after their loved ones step out of the room. It could have been the case here. It would have had to be very ill to have happened so quickly, though. In future OP it is super important to understand that cats do not show signs of feeling unwell until they are Severely unwell. By the time they are obviously sick, they should be taken to the vet immediately. Common sense also should tell you that resilience requires good health....

  zuckerburg  |  19

for 2 days? either the OP lied about the 2 days, or how sick the cat was. 2 days isn't enough for any animal to just miss their owners SO much that they die. At least we have a responsible pet-ownership in our little neighborhood. Going away for 2 days? no worries, Uncle Joe will come feed the cats/dogs and even play with them. I guess honeymooning was SUPER important (2 days right...right?!)

By  jac_1964_au  |  19

Get a new cat , Sounds harsh but pets do not out live humans, by the time you have been married 40 years you will have said good bye to many beloved pets , on a side note animals do commit suicide and cats prefer to do it on there own

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