By outofajob - United States - Farmington
Today, I gave feedback on how the store is run at the owners' request, because they don't understand why everyone keeps quitting. I guess they took it personally, because they asked me not to come back. FML
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  AyOoDaLoBo33  |  10

#20 I think OP was actually a customer at this place, and when the he gave the owners customer feedback they asked him not to come back. OP wasn't an employee to fire.

By  anoniemm  |  13

Aw man, too bad they couldn't handle it...
At least you did the right thing...
Good luck in finding a new job where they do appreciate constructive critisism, op!

  LadyMadness  |  11

basically a store owner asked OP why people keep quitting, and OP gave him the reason. the owner didn't like what OP said, even though it could be beneficial to the owner to listen and instead he fired OP