By laprochainefoisjerestealamaison - France - Montpellier
Today, I gave birth to my daughter in a hospital corridor. The nurse who took me to my room afterward tried to comfort me by saying there've been worse incidents; she said that two years ago, a lady gave birth in the parking lot. That was me too. FML
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By  DoctorDex  |  11

Everyone saw...

  jesustitts  |  20

90- I chose which hospital to give birth at, my sister chose which hospital to give birth at. So trust me you can choose no matter the distance especially if you're like us and prefer doctors we are familiar with.

  primadonna9396  |  16

I'm guessing the OP's labor and contractions begin occurring far too suddenly to prepare much ahead of time. I have a cousin like that. FYL OP, but at least your births tend to go easily, that's a silver lining for sure.

  Lizzy500  |  16

131-one, your name is "jesustitts" so I cant take you seriously. two, being able to choose your own hospital varies depending on your insurance and where you live. just because YOU got to do it that way doesn't mean EVERYONE does.

  Mossears133  |  15

SI always thought a rollercoaster would be a cool place to be born. If you're gonna come out screaming, it should be with good reason!

Edit: I remembered 2 seconds after posting this that they generally don't let pregnant ladies on rollercoasters....... My bad FMLers! /)_-

  Lizzy500  |  16

Some labors are incredibly quick. Neither of mine gave me time for an epidural, though I did make it to the hospital in time. My 2nd was about 3 hours from start to finish.

By  MagicStallion  |  9

The long name for the FML somewhat indicates your frustration! How terrible for you though... If you decide to have another after all that's happened, let's hope third time lucky? Also, you should just be glad the babies are/were safe, as they should come first. Still, FYL, I feel bad for ya.