By W...T...F - 09/08/2013 16:15 - United States

Today, I found the carcass of the frog that got into my house last week. It was a horrifying sight, but not nearly as horrifying as the fact that I found it in my refrigerator. No, I don't know how it got in there either. FML
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Nightwing98 22

Look at the bright side, now you can have frog legs for dinner!

it may have kermitted suicide.


Nightwing98 22

Look at the bright side, now you can have frog legs for dinner!

My sister went to France once and was offered frog legs. Needless to say she came back as a vegetarian.

Bright side: the frog tried to preserve its body so it could live longer

#1 I love how you stay so positive!

Frog legs are actually good, especially fried. Try them sometime.

and it's fresh!

# 45 Wait.... So you are saying something fried is healthy?

caohm 18

I hope you don't live alone

Joseph980000 6

Do you really need to state the obvious?

Fry them, and wrap them in bacon! I do it all the time!

Either you're sleep frog catching or someone is getting into your house without you knowing?! You need to find out. That's scary

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Or it's just a very intelligent frog who knows how to open things.

Or it was Miss Piggy; poor Kermit ...

Or that guy finally had it with that singing frog.

Poor little guy :( he was just hungry!

i hope it wasnt in you food

I find it very odd that it just ended up in there. I feel like you're being punked!

Actually she's right. It's you're, or YOU ARE. Learn some English before you go around "correcting" people.

i think #52 was referring to #3's comment

If he was, sorry. If he wasn't, what I said earlier.

#58 you know that reply was to #3 right? ..right? whoops sorry, someone already said this. feel free to downvote me.

jonnied23 20

It's dying wish must've been to Rest in a cold place

frogsickle anyone?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22


Oh no! Sorry OP :( hopefully that doesn't happen again.

Why would this happen again?

It could... It really could.

Frog legs are said to be a delicacy... Ick.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I dont know why either...they're disgusting! (appearance wise and taste wise)

KiddNYC1O 20

^ So they smell good?

Its all tendons and ligaments and crap, but guess it shouldn't be much different than a chicken leg?? Either way, i find frogs are icky to touch, let alone eat!

At lest it wasn't a nest of maggots after a month long trip

Misaki18 17

Maybe he hopped on in when it was open and you just didn't notice :D

Maybe he hopped in trying to steal the "Bud", "Weis","Er.

53, your age is showing

Nope, just my love for pop culture and Super Bowl commercials. (: "Are you ready for some Football?!"

Why would she be considered old for remembering this commercial?? I remember this commercial and I don't consider myself old. I mean I'm not young, I still don't know what SMH means and up until a week ago I had no idea what the hell YOLO was... But still, I'm in my prime baby! xD

ciumegu 6

Maybe it was a terrible prank.

Wow thats really creepy. You sure you didnt get high or drunk, think the frog was some ice pokemon and put him into the freezer so he wouldnt melt?

Sadly it was Bulbasaur and grass's weakness is Ice

Emelsh16 11

16, Fire is the weakness of grass. I still have a little childhood in me :D

Yes but Ice is also a grass type's weakness as well. I remember from the old Pokemon games:)