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Today, I found out why my husband has been coming home from work so late. Turns out he loves to help people. Specifically female people. And by help, I mean sleep with. FML
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dump him and find somebody worth your time and knows what taking vows means, sorry you had to find out this way OP

Fuck him OP you deserve better.


dump him and find somebody worth your time and knows what taking vows means, sorry you had to find out this way OP

Yeah good thing it's just so easy to dump your husband, it would really suck if you had to divorce him instead.

So op should stay with him just because a divorce is a little more complicated than dumping?

#47 I believe 38 was simply trying to educate 1 on the fact that one does not simply dump a husband. It's not that easy to do.

Op can still easily leave though or kick him out. A lot of spouses separate while the divorce proceedi ngs are going through.

Did he steal your bike too, OP?

SystemofaBlink41 27

I'm not siding with OP's husband, but unless you've got a lethal weapon, I don't think kicking a grown man (or woman) out is as simple as it sounds. It's not very likely they'll stop being assholes and say something like, "You know, you're right! I'll leave this place I paid for because I deserve it!"

Fuck him OP you deserve better.

Well, don't literally fuck him.

Well at least isn't having sex with them, that would be really bad.

#34 Not sure you understand the FML...

I'm not sure you and many others got his joke #44.

incoherentrmblr 21

I'd like to think if she f**ked him more often, he wouldn't cheat. However, that depends on the frequency and type of sex OP & husband have...

Fuck you. Seriously, fuck you.. No one, man or women, should feel obliged to have sex to keep a partner faithful. Your victim-blaming mentality is disgusting; he cheated, he decided to wreck the marriage, he deserves to be divorced. There's no if and buts about it, you're blaming her for her husbands lack of morals because she's not putting out more? Go to hell dude

TheBlazinAsian 9

I hope you realize that that was a joke, and wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Unless it was.

He went outside the marriage for sex so if he was getting sex he wouldn't have had to find it elsewhere. It doesn't justify it but there's an obvious reason for what he did. If he was getting what he wanted and still cheated then he's just a greedy piece of shit. He IS wrong for cheating instead of getting a divorce though but if he wanted to get a divorce because of the lack of the sex in the marriage he would be a bad guy right?

I really hate seeing FML's about dirty lying cheats. It makes me sick to my stomach. I hope everything turns out okay for you, OP. Be strong.

I feel the exact same way. OP married this man, they vowed to one another, and this is how he shows what those vows mean to him? I'm disgusted.

I'm honestly terrified of getting married because of shit like this happening in the world. Sounds stupid, I know. But I feel like if it can happen to her, it could happen to me...

you deserve better karma will get him back just sit back relax and wait for it:) a smile is guaranteed

Bad advice, telling her to do absolutely nothing...

I guess karma has never worked for you. On my last job some guy tried to get me fired, I was going to key his car for revenge. I decided to not get my hands dirty and be a better man. A week later his car decided to die off. now that's sweet sweet karma:)

Dump that piece of sh*t right now!!!!!!

You should tell your husband to go help himself.

Clever. I like it.

Honestly your husband is an asshole

Help him be single.

Divorce that asswipe and take all of his stuff! Cheaters deserve to lose everything. Honestly I don't understand why some people are completely unfaithful...

Being a vindictive bitch won't help anything.

Badkarma4u 17

It doesbt work like that.

#42 I bet it'd help OP feel a lot better

Maybe it's just me, I don't believe in "get even, take everything".

ep1186 7

Give it 10 years, some community property, kids, an STD scare and/or STD, and an awkward conversation with your kids about how they are going to have a new brother or sister by daddy's girlfriend and you'll get why get even is a good option.