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That's waaay extreme. In my opinion kicking someone in the nuts should only be done in self defence. Yes, OP has a reason to be offended, but a groin kick can seriously hurt a guy.

  garrett_8614  |  14

How do you know he's only using her for sex? Guys ask girls out for lots of different reasons (some may be sex related), but that doesn't mean he's just using her for that, he could be a good boyfriend otherwise. Or he could be a jerk, who knows?

  Uglyfeet  |  23

Come on, calm down; we don't know them at all. "Into anal look" was what made him ASK HER OUT, that's what the FML says. Not that it is what keeps him on their relationship, which may very well be awesome. As well as awful, but they are the ones that know, right? ;)