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By  Grem_  |  0

It doesn't matter to much, although I can imagine it was a bit of a shock. And no, it doesn't make you gay, since she is a woman both mentally and physically.

By  valalvax  |  13

ow... that sucks op, can't imagine how I'd react to that news

  WishResign  |  0

just because OP's "woman" has a cooch does not make "her" a woman... "she" doesn't have OVARIES... the dude's got testes. nothing more than a gay man who got a procedure, similar to a flat-chested woman getting implants. doesn't change anything but the appearance. Michael Jackson turned white, he's still black. OP has a right to feel this way. the person should have told him from the beginning to see if he was okay with it. if he's not, no one should blame him, either.

  wesley99  |  0

Unfortunately she still has the XY chromosome, so until that gets changed she's not a women

  romano07  |  0

65, you do know in order to go through a procedure like that, they put you trough years of psychology in order to see If that person really wants to be a woman for emotional and mental reasons right?

  BadMofeelius  |  0

Really? I can think of quite a few reasons.

  Back_In_Action  |  18

I can't. It's not like she's rocking a penis anymore...just riding one. Ba dum tish.

  DjeePee  |  24

I think it's more about the awkward feeling. Nobody would be pleased to discover that their partner used to be from the opposite sex. Nothing wrong with a sex chance, but it's too uncommon to don't think much about it.

  CitizenSnipz  |  0

But the fact is they're a chick now.

  rldostie  |  19

I think the major reason this may matter is because she can't have children. No in the traditional manner, at least. This could be a problem for the OP. I think if I found out my man used to be a woman, my first thought would be "we can't have children together" in a biological way.

  KaySL  |  24

@50: Yeah, cause I'm sure the OP's devastated because his long-planned line of descendants won't come to fruition rofl. Give me a break, it's like people claiming to be opposed to homosexuality merely because they're concerned about the continuation of the species. Give me a break. A cheap excuse to conceal a bigoted mind.

  VertigoSD  |  0

It matters because his chick use to have a dick! duh...

  DVecc  |  0

actually most of the opposing force is the idiots who believe in what religion tells them is right and wrong.

  redbluegreen  |  40

She is not "his chick", she is her own person. She does not have a dick either. Who are you to judge? If you're going to be judging women by what kind of vagina they have, you probably shouldn't be dating in the first place. There is much, much more to a person than their genitals.

By  mbouf  |  0

you couldn't tell? or have you not been datin long enough to see that her parts are different. Well don't be so shallow, if she (he) is a really good person it shouldn't matter. You were obviously attracted to her for reasons in the first place.

By  BIGshooter  |  2

hey the doctors must've done good work that you couldn't tell. don't feel bad. but that still lies in the gray area if that makes you gay.

  funktown  |  2


By  Grem_  |  0

It doesn't matter to much, although I can imagine it was a bit of a shock. And no, it doesn't make you gay, since she is a woman both mentally and physically.

  KittyMack  |  4

What fail? A woman was born somehow with the wrong parts, but she didn't give up. Rather than just live as a lonely, secretive deformity, she went through hell to get corrective surgery because she was dying to be a hetero lady. Her whole life she wanted to be (indeed likely was in her dreams) a lady. And date guys just like a regular lady, like the Disney princesses she saw as a toddler. So all this effort has led her to finally be able to date and her choice is to attempt a romance with the poster. A gal whose entire life was shaped by her intense need to be the princess and find a prince, chose him! ... that is SOOOO the opposite of gay. That is compulsively hetero!

  starile  |  19

There are already enough hate crimes against the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Questioning community because of fuckers like you thinking that such actions are necessary against these people for being who they are. Learn some tolerance, you ignorant shit of a human being.

By  Haydenrw93  |  0

just think, now u have a mans brain but in a womans body, the best of both worlds

By  Ryan1214  |  0

sucks to be you.

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