By Faluna - 17/02/2011 21:27 - Sweden

Today, I found out that the mysterious yellow mould that won't come off my apartment floor is in fact the remains of a condom my room-mate used when she was f*cking her boyfriend in my bed. Afterwards, she apparently threw it on the floor and let it lie there. For three weeks. FML
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randiZ25 0

use her tooth brush to scrub it off

CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

Put it under her pillow.


I would say first, but I'm probably not, and even if I was, people would get mad at me.

then why say you were gonna say first?

MfailK 0

You do sound like a douche

Because there were no comments before I commented and I've never been first to comment on this site.

Snowstar 0

neither have i, until i got it on one a few mins ago~. :)

I was the first to comment on one a min ago and it was also my first first but I didn't shout first

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mintcar 9

Wow, is it that BIG of a deal?

You seem like a person that doesn't ever laugh. Your like Squidward on that children's tv show Spongebob. For god sake, chill!

childrens tv show? I'm 16 ad watch spongebob all the fucking time haha. problem?

ifyouseekamy666 0

spongebob FTW!!! hahah :3

UpsidedownKayak 9

Bano360, NO ONE FUCKING CARES whether you are the first commenter or not. That is the most worthless goal ever thought up. How about having goals that use your intelligence, like trying to be the funniest, most insightful, most caring, or most obnoxious, and don't rely on the timing of a post.

43- chill. you don't need to yell at him relax if u don't like his comment don't read it.

This is the longest, most worthless thread about being first that I've ever seen. It's as useless as a woman in the Blue Oyster Bar. I lost 1,472 brain cells just from reading about the plight to be, and subsequent failure to become, first. I would rather stick hot pokers in my genitals than be exposed to this kind of banal drivel. Please kill me.

74 - Wouldn't they have to read it in order to know whether they like it?

CollegeGirl2010 0

crazy people x)

My goal in pissing people off was successful.

83- true haha but I he doesn't have to comment or read what other people said to it.

Bano360 ftw... lulz he getted you angry n thin said he wanted tooo. he wins 4dalulz btw

not really mad as wondering why you would basically do what you didn't want to I'm wondering why your comment got removed

CourtneyDanielle_fml 9

Put it under her pillow.

Lalala1996 0

well.... APPARENTLY it won't come off the floor.

Cut it off and THEN stick it under her pillow.

#44 you disprove all blond theories.. smart + hot= ^win

randiZ25 0

use her tooth brush to scrub it off

eman1127 0


DearlyBeloved20 3

It was pretty disgusting of the roommate to do this in the first place so I wouldn't say it's out of line.

atomheartm_fml 0

Agreed. Do gross stuff, gross stuff will eventually occur.

95- is the writing on that shirt backwards??

150- mirror pic

153- that makes more sense o.O

ThisRandomChild 0

Bwahaha thats too perfect! Her mouth was probably there anyways :-P

put it on ur roommates bed and write a note saying "I believe this is urs"

wiggs5 0

your doggies so cute :)

awww cute doggy

lalagirl912 0

that Is the ugliest dog I've ever seen

atomheartm_fml 0

That's because it's a catfish.

thanks, but thats ok, i don't know u so the hate comments don't really matter

don't listen to them 132. that is such a cute doggy. what kind is it?

don't listen to them 132. that is such a cute doggy. what kind is it?

#120 your comment reminded me of mean girls

MfailK 0

Ha cock juice

thanx! the first post to make me laugh. cock juice...LOL

creedaddict 9

ha! too funny

xoxoMEGANxoxo 13


TheGenius 1

First of all, ew..... and secondly, use her toothbrush to get it off then put the remains of it under her pillow. :)

lol 3+5 combo

exactly! listen to the genius (literally)


She used the condom?

nynjapyrate 0

14... meet obvious. obvious meet 14

88, I was joking. Obviously the boyfriend would use it, not her.

I believe he said '14', not '73' ^-^

How do you not notice a condom on the floor for three weeks if it's right beside your bed? Try cleaning once in awhile you fuckin slob haha

yazmi_09 3

maybe op was out of town? I doubt she saw it, said "oh hey some nasty condom looking thing on the floor, I'll leave it there to froth bacteria and harden a little" and walked away

Igor_g5 0

That was my thought. How do you not notice a condom on your floor?

So you didn't see a used condom on your floor for 3 weeks that's gross