By stressedandcrowded - United Kingdom
Today, I found out that my sister is going to spend the last two months of her pregancy in my house to be with my mother. She's bringing with her her three wild children. The visit also happens to coincide with my end of year examinations in May and June. FML
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By  Moobug  |  4

This person is from the UK; over here we refer to 'our house' or 'my house' as the family home, not necessarily who owns it. Because OP's final exams are in May and June, it's likely that she is talking about her GCSEs - she's 16 and it's her mum's house.

Obviously, her mum's decision would be final, but you'd expect a certain amount of consideration on the part of the parent :( OP, since locks on kids' bedroom doors aren't usually the done thing in the UK, take the advice of an earlier poster and go to a library or cafe to study. Seriously.

By  T552  |  12

If that were me I'd be out of the house everyday.
Library, friends houses and cafe shops will be your places to visit during those two months for revision.

Good luck for your exams OP :)

  Sleeper1288  |  0

Yeah, I have that same problem right now. A bunch of loud, obnoxious roommates crammed into a small apartment. I don't even have my own bedroom. Libraries, cafes and friends' houses are how it's done! As for the kids being in your stuff, get a lock if you don't already have one.