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  emag_eht  |  18

Or OP can just not do what they tell her. They've got no right to make her do anything, but I see how annoying it would be to have them bug her about it even though she won't obey them.

OP I feel bad for you. If you can't peacefully coexist and they don't let you do your own thing, just do what the other commenters said and run.

  GK2012  |  9

it may only work as far as non-direct contact in this case....what's the judge going to do? forbid the parents from yelling next door or force the parents to move? I doubt it.

  pmadNess  |  14

38- OP said the parents were moving. I believe # 6 means for OP to tell them a different address in hopes they'll go there instead. OP would still have to move, though. I'm sure the parents would figure it out and come looking...

By  hnz  |  13

Maybe you are their one and only child.
2 options. Find another place or invest in more locks.
Always remember to lock your doors.

By  tattoo88  |  4

My mom did the same thing I moved 100 miles away an she followed me so I moved almost 1000 miles away this time I really hope she don't follow me again.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

10, I moved 4,000 miles away and my parents have never attempted to move to be near me, even though they once lived in my city that I've been calling home for so long now. Win!