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Agreed, no.1

This shit pisses me the fuck off. Parents are supposed to be there for you always. Your parents are supposed to be the ones that you can turn to no matter what happens. Scum of the earth shitbags like the mother here who pick favorites and make their children miserable intentionally don't deserve the air they breathe or their children to be around them when they're dying.

OP, don't worry; what goes around will come around, and she'll get what she deserves.

  kyleekay  |  25

1- I've noticed that a lot of parents seem to be getting worse, too. The way I see it, parents back in the day slapped their kids around and it was accepted. Now emotional abuse seems to be the norm.


The BEST revenge would be to pretend you're rebelling. Once your mother finds one or two 'used' needles lying around the house she'll soon change her attitude towards you. If that doesn't work - then you're pregnant, and have no idea who the father is.

  GirlYouNasty  |  11

59- I think 41's use of district wasn't intended to be referencing the hunger games, he meant a real life district. However I also jumped to the "hunger games" conclusion after reading the comment about volunteering as tribute. So there's your reasoning for being buried, in case you or anyone else cares.

  dancer4life143  |  13

71- it's the exact same with my brother and me. My brother is 7 years younger and he always physically and emotionally abuses me, but as soon as I do something to him, I get in trouble "because I'm older and should know better". It sucks, but I've learned to just deal with that. I'm sorry op :/ hopefully you're almost done with high school and can move out ASAP!

  TheOath  |  12

Exactly what kind of pleasure do parents get from doing this to their children? I don't see what fun there is unless you're all joking and teasing together :/