By fckmylife
Today, I found out that I'm being sued for posting on Facebook about a customer service experience with a local company. Even though we have witnesses, the owners of the store claim that we're lying about the whole thing and that we're "malicious". FML
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By  ApparentlyNotEno  |  28

If you're in the United States, this is no longer legal, and the case can be thrown out (and/or you can countersue). Look up the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016.

If you're outside the States, ymmv, but check the local laws. There's probably something that protects you. In any case, most jurisdictions protect any written or verbal expression as long as it's true - libel and slander only apply if what you've said is untrue.

I think you can also countersue for defamation or something similar. (I'm not a solicitor myself, so I can't say for certain.) Talk to an attorney - if the lawsuit is frivolous or punitive, most times you can even have your attorney's fees paid for by the losing party (but - and this is important - you have to ASK the court for that sort of relief).

Seriously, engage a lawyer, and don't back down from these bullies.

By  Aylla89  |  3

Can you refuse to participate in it? No one has time to have time wasted over some immature business owner, nor the money if you're just an average Joe.

  Shade1982  |  20

That depends on the nature of the case. Not all cases require you to actually be present, you can have your lawyer represent you without you being there.

By  tj4234  |  35

The strongest defence against a defamation case is veritas. You can't be sued for libel if what you say is true. As long as the witness testifies in your favour (or you can prove what you said to be true) then the company will lose their case.