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Fluoride toothpaste burns in your mouth so chances are it will cause harm to other sensitive areas. My suggestion? Next time try that other white stuff....whipped cream, unless you like the burning sensation of course.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

They do make flavored lubes for that. If she doesn't like those then have her chew some gum, just make sure she knows not to chew while she's doing the deed.

  SeasonedLemur  |  5

I can shine a light on this subject! It doesn't sting it just drys the head of your cock terribly! Don't try it unless your prepared to shell out for plently of moisturiser to bring the feeling back to your meat stick!

  ramirezlmt  |  0

Are you guys seriously discussing what toothpaste to use? Here's a idea use mouthwash! "well the one with no alcohol doesn't burn" "What about aftershave?" "Hand sanitizer? (It feels nice and warm try it!)" Too bad the toothpaste didn't make you guys infertile.


  savveh  |  0

^ People from other English-speaking countries outside of America spell things differently sometimes. "Capitalised" instead of "capitalized" is one these cases. I don't know where ImaginaryFoe is from but that's probably the case.

  blkandredenvy  |  0

haha 97 and 101. if people can understand the comment then who really cares. this is not being published in the newspaper or an important article. this just for fun.

by the way 101, it should be There* too* to* and to* again. just saying lol

  elizabeth705  |  0

Doc: thats not true. In America we spell words different than in England. Examples: "color" and "favorite" are American. "colour" and "favourite" are English. Those are just some of the most common.

  CakeBaker11  |  0

shut up doc! your a dipshit I'm 14 and smarter than you, red was right he worded that sentence correctly, there's many differences in written English, some words are spelled two ways and rules that apply to certain words or letters change in different circumstances, written English is one of the hardest languages to lean.

  Arraggatis  |  0

197 - If you really think you are smarter than Doc, please learn proper English. Also, please Google "sarcasm" and let me know what it says. When you find out, I think you'll realize that these comments are filled with it. Thank you!

  deaper  |  15

ok I'm SHOCKED it took that long for someone to make this comment! But to the person who made the comment I say:
:: Golf clap :: Good show ole' chap! Good show!