By iwannagotomiamitoo - United States - Brookline
Today, I found out that apparently I'm in Miami. I am also enjoying a five-star hotel and all of its services. Only one problem: I'm still here, stuck in a small suburban town. F*ck identity theft. FML
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  TrueTriage  |  16

See 1 is so skillful he can do a triple bitch slap with a single kick breaking all forms of logic and barriers of possibility. And I guess he slaps with his foot...

  hessel  |  13

im not being sarcastic thats for sure. my comment may be downvoted but everybody wants that identity thief down. i was just saying what people were thinking

  Since1998  |  20

OP can still buy things... Identity theft isn't a block out of your identity, it's someone pretending to be you by using your information (credit card, social security number, name, etc) to buy things or get into places.

  CarbonCoach  |  11

Police in the US don't do jack shit. They eat doughnuts and pretend to work as they're cruising in their cars. They don't care about you unless you're in the business class or higher. If you did report to them they would solve your case in a year and by then the thief would have fled.

  OnlyTheDarkest  |  17

The man that runs the company LifeLock posted his SSN on the side of a rolling billboard as proof of how good his company is. His identity got stolen. Understand the irony now?