By coldasfire - 29/03/2015 21:18 - United States

Today, I found out my girlfriend keeps my toenails in her deceased grandmother's prized music box. She says it's to, "Keep the box natural." I don't understand why she does this, or what she means by "natural." FML
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How exactly is she getting your toenails

OP, I do believe she may be putting a spell on you and you should run.


The real question here now would be is this a deal breaker for you OP?

Also, would she be willing to stop that and see a therapist?

The real question is how she got OP's toenails.

at least they weren't her grandma's toes

OP, I do believe she may be putting a spell on you and you should run.

Well they are toenails, so OP might not be able to use his feet...

yes.. toenails. definitely there is some voodoo stuff goin on here

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Keeping children's lost first teeth is one thing, keeping a grown man's toenails definitely isn't normal. ....

How exactly is she getting your toenails

Well, my boyfriend clips his toenails wherever he happens to be at the time that it occurs to him to do it, and he just leaves the clippings there. I find them all over the house. Maybe OP is like that as well, and the girlfriend is just gathering them up as she finds them? Although I still don't understand the "keeping the box natural" part... That's definitely strange.

^ I'm sorry :/ he really shouldn't do that. Maybe you should be the one casting a spell.

Imagine she clips his toenails as he sleeps......

If you piss her off and then bad luck comes your way I'd start looking for the hex bag. Just saying...

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The fact that you have your profile picture as Dean Winchester makes your comment 10x better

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Someone watches a lot of Supernatural. Good man.

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That habit has got to be the nail in the coffin for your relationship.

This is one of the grossest things I have ever heard. Fyl! I hope she doest do things even weirder...!

How does she collect the toenails in the first place? Don't you cut your own toenails? Do you leave the toenails lying around?