By theynamedmeluke - 23/09/2013 22:49 - United States - Austin

Today, I found out I was adopted when my drunk dad made a terrible Star Wars joke. FML
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Harshdfml 14

I'm sorry op. 'may the force be with you'

Wow, now I'm rrally curious of how the joke might have went.


Harshdfml 14

I'm sorry op. 'may the force be with you'

OPs name makes this FML amazing.

Dad - Luke, I am not your father.. Luke - that's not true!! That's impossible! *jumps off into chasm*

jw90 18

Do not turn to the Dark Side.

This is not the father you are looking for... Move along. *pats self on back for making a movie reference*

^Hi, you must be OP's dad.

RedPillSucks 31

@16 Darth Maury?

Gingerette 8

#46, that was good.

Not the best way to find out the thruth but does it really matter as long as they love you

Wow, now I'm rrally curious of how the joke might have went.

How did a Star Wars joke apply to that exactly? "I am your father, just kidding!"?

Pwn17 25

The adoption is strong with this one.

Wizzlbang 10

Going by their username, I can make a few guesses.

How about "Luke, I'm not your father!" ?

Maybe, I'm not your father

Well, Luke, it seems like he isn't your father.

yoursucklives 36

they really named you luke just so they can make that 'joke'? i hope not! anyway that's a horrible way to find out, fyl op!

mif_fml 27

You sure? Read his username.

hollyanne27 9

#29 ment the dad who said that didn't name him.. duh... and I think the reference was made based to the fact that his name was Luke, and they happend to be watching a movie starring a guy named Luke!? Is it just me? Or are people getting dumber, everyday?

35, nope just you are.

Some adopted kids come with no name if adopted at birth.

And it's not that hard to change a kid's name when you adopt them. You already have to file to change the last name, why not change the first while you're at it?

JuliaaNoelle 26

Time to go find your Darth Vader.

AnOriginalName 19

What, so OP can have his hand chopped off? Doesn't sound like such a good plan to me.

LittleRed79 39

Do you also have a twin sister who you were separated from at birth? And have you recently made out with her?

kultyre 7

Better late than never.

Sorry to hear OP but like posters before me have said, as long as they Love you there should not be an awkwardness about the situation. Those people took you in when you needed it( shall I say when they needed you) and nothing is stopping you from trying to reconnect with you biological mother. The foster home should have the info on file for you.

That's bullshit. They lied to him for god knows how many years. Discovering it (especially on this way) is freakin' awkward, disturbing and shocking - otherwise OP wouldn't have posted it on FML. I agree that loving parents are more important than being blood-related, but please, don't act like this is no huge deal.

hobo1235 15

This is one of those FMLs that need the OP to comment explaining what happened