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*Grandma passes through body check* *Inspectors do baggage check.* Inspectors: *urgently murmuring* Grandma: What's the hold-up? Inspectors: Err...ma'am we found a lethal weapon in your backpack. Grandma: Oh, that backpack's not mine. Inspectors: Orly? It has your name on it. Grandma: Yes, but the knife isn't mine. Inspectors: We never said anything about a knife. Grandma: *attempts to bolt for the nearest exit* Inspectors: *Tackles the grandma* Eventually they let her go, only to


Well if she was a girl scout in her youth she can legally have a pocket knife everywhere she goes. Not sure bout the airport though. Dont think it applies.

With a grandmother's bad memory mixed with how much crap elderly women store in their purse, it was destined to happen. Did she have a peppermint in there to make you feel better?

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