By yelyah - 29/03/2012 16:19 - United States - Tolono

Today, I flew to Florida with my grandma. She tried to go through airport security with a pocket knife in her backpack. FML
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Grams is protective of her grandchild :)

Bingo gets crazy somtimes... you never know if the bitch next to you will shout bingo or shank you...


icrest80 4

Ya who knows what kind of person would try to duke it out with her...

better be swiss. never know when you need a pair of tiny sissors :)

*Grandma passes through body check* *Inspectors do baggage check.* Inspectors: *urgently murmuring* Grandma: What's the hold-up? Inspectors:'am we found a lethal weapon in your backpack. Grandma: Oh, that backpack's not mine. Inspectors: Orly? It has your name on it. Grandma: Yes, but the knife isn't mine. Inspectors: We never said anything about a knife. Grandma: *attempts to bolt for the nearest exit* Inspectors: *Tackles the grandma* Eventually they let her go, only to escort her out of the airport, noting her as "dangerous". The OP stared in horror, ashamed of what the grandma did. His only option was to go on FML, and post this tragic story.

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She obviously needed it to fight off all the alligators you are soon to encounter.... On the airplane?

Well if she was a girl scout in her youth she can legally have a pocket knife everywhere she goes. Not sure bout the airport though. Dont think it applies.

I dont see the harm in mentioning it i guess.

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Good to know that you can just pull information straight out of your ass!

you never know when you might need to defend yourself

Grams is protective of her grandchild :)

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Like a mother bear and her cub, the cub fears the mother, they both fear granny bear.

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Yeah, I mean, it's Florida. She can shank some guy there in a hoodie and claim self defense

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I get boners in the pat down line... All good man :)

The terrorists are getting smarter! No one would expect an old lady!

With a grandmother's bad memory mixed with how much crap elderly women store in their purse, it was destined to happen. Did she have a peppermint in there to make you feel better?

18 - your picture, is amazing, and your comment, is a win.

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103- thanks, I love Death note. And well I really did facepalm myself.

Bingo gets crazy somtimes... you never know if the bitch next to you will shout bingo or shank you...