By DerrickUhl - United States - Napa
Today, I finally turned 21 so my friends and I decided to go to a club. There, I met this hot waitress and we were really hitting it off. I decided to order a drink. She replied with, "No problem, kiddo." FML
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  BunchieRules  |  31

I was thinking the same thing; she obviously knew OP was an adult or she wouldn't have let him buy the drink. Maybe she is older than OP and was just teasing him, since he just turned the legal drinking age.


I feel like after OP submitted this FML, she came back with the drink, they continued 'hitting it off', and they went to his place and had the best sex of his life.

Or he got her number. That too.

But I just think he took being called 'kiddo' a little too personally.


I took the fact that she called him "kiddo" because he just turned 21, and she found this out when she ID'd him. Therefore since he's "barely legal" she thought it would be funny to tease him. She is probably a little older than him.

28- It doesn't say that he was in an 21 and over club? I have been in a club that is 18 and up. So yes, they still have to ID you..which is the next thing I was going to mention, it doesn't state she didn't ID him.. She in fact, probably did ID him... I worked in a 21 over club as a cocktail waitress, you still have ID every person. Because, some kids under the age find a way in. It is illegal to not ID somebody and you can lose your job.

By  charvisioku  |  22

Well she's a waitress, mate. In that kind of job, flirting or being nice can get you extra tips. That's usually the only reason they do it. She probably 'hits it off' with most people who come into the bar.