By PerturbedStudent - 09/12/2015 23:42 - United States - Keller

Today, I finally received my first love letter. Too bad it was from the boy who lit me on fire two months ago. FML
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That's pretty hot ;)

Were the edges of the letter charred?


wow, that's gotta burn!

Were the edges of the letter charred?

That's pretty hot ;)

That's what happens when you drop a fiyaa mixtape

xD, I said hot, not ice cold my friend.

No that's what happens when you want to make someone hotter

I guess he loves you with a burning passion OP.

drayloon 50

I think he misunderstood when someone told him that he should set the pussy on fire...

JMichael 25

It's burning love guys.

Usually it's just hair pulling. But I guess everything is bigger in Texas.

So you're saying he MADE you feel hot.

saraaa2552 15

It's better than nothing right?

It looks like you have a bit of a stalker on your hand

What about this makes him a stalker? Stalkers follow and spy on people. This kid's just a pyromaniac, don't give him so much credit.

Hey, maybe the fire in his heart can't be extinguished by something as silly as that. Can you blame him for wanting to heat things up?

Cmon baby light My fire?

This girl is on fire!